Sunday, 27 January 2013


Right to start with we haven't blogged in quite a long time, its been so busy lately since Christmas with so many exams on (we had 3 science and 1 english exams that were rather important all in the space of 2 weeks) and because we would rather not be re-doing them all later we had to stop doing anything fun, to be honest it sucked and us being the worlds biggest procrastinators found our self getting distracted by anything and everything including sitting in Costa for 6 hours making our friend a scrapbook for her birthday. But anyway they are over now....well untill March anyway wooo!

So a few days ago I managed to convince my family to give me money to buy a new pair of shoes (which to be honest I didn't really need..) so I hopped on the train to Westfield and found myself with these "black studded moccasin shoes" from River Island which were £30.

This was quite an unusual buy for me as I usually prefer to spend money on clothes rather than shoes especially £30 on a pair of pumps which I thought were slightly over priced for River Island, but when I saw them they looked so nice. I'm not usually a fan of these shape shoes or studs so I was quite surprised when I actually liked them, but they go with most outfits, they can be worn with tights or on their own and they really jazz up a rather plain outfit. I think they are a great winter shoe because of their black colouring and also outfits can sometimes look a bit dull in the colder months as you find yourself wearing the same pair of dark jeans and winter coat so these add a bit of sparkle with the studs to your outfit.

When I looked them up online on the River Island website I didn't think the picture they had taken did them justice which is why I havnt put the website picture up but if you did fancy purchasing them online the link is Here! 

I'm usually a size 8 in High Street shops but I managed to fit inside a size 7 and they were still quite big so maybe get a size smaller than usual, but they honestly are beyond comfy!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ted Baker PRETTY PETITE body gift set REVIEW

"Get your skin in perfect shape with Ted's selection of mini body treats. Featuring a miniature body spray, wash, scrub and lotion, it's the perfect way to prepare for a stunning debut."

I am not usually a big fan of bath/body gifts but when you get one good quality one, it is really exciting. I was given this gift set as a late Christmas present and used it for the first time last week.
As soon as you open the box the fruity smell is smells so good! All of the products are mini versions as the set is called "pretty petite" (like me! ;) ) the body wash is light and cleansing, and the lotion is soothing and moisturising. The body scrub really does soften the skin which is perfect when used before the lotion, your skin will feel soooo soft. The body spray is probably my favourite thing as it smells perfect, it is a mix of "bergamot, red fruit, tuberose and patchouli" to be honest, I have no idea what any of that is but I do know that it smells amazing!
The box is also really pretty as its purple with a pink bow printed on and a ballerina on the side with the 'Ted Baker' logo, all of the products were perfectly packaged inside in pink tissue paper.

Overall I would just say WELL DONE, Ted Baker! It is PERFECT Petite!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Outfit of the Day: Don't stop the party!

Black Peplum Top: Miss Selfridge: £10 sale price
Extra long Black leggings: New Look: £7.99
Black fluffy handbag: Paul's Boutique: 

Today's outfit of the day is a more formal/evening look that I very recently wore to my friends birthday meal out. I went for an all black outfit with a black leather jacket, fluffy oversized handbag and worker boots. Wearing all black can transform a rather casual outfit of the same garments from a casual daytime, relaxed look to a night-time, much more formal and sophisticated look, also another bonus to wearing black is that it is said to be one of the most slimming colours. 
I love the shape that peplum style tops create, the skirt like frill at the bottom expands at the waist highlighting and drawing the eye to the slimmest part of the main body
The leggings from New Look are mega comfy and come in extra long which suits me perfectly as they actually become too long, although most short people probably won't appreciate how nice it actually is to have trousers/ jeans/ leggings etc that are too long, when you've been wearing trousers that are a few inches too short for years and covering them up with boots, extra long leggings become very exciting!
My bag like I've mentioned in other posts is a limited edition Paul's Boutiques from a few years ago, minus the dodgy luminous key ring, (nicknamed "Jennifur"), this always surprised people as Paul's Boutique doesn't have the best reputation anymore. 
I decided to contrast my all black look with Barry M's bright glittery red nail varnish and matching lipstick made by GOSH (shade 60 Lambada), the colour is very bright and usually I don't wear bright lipsticks but it matched the nails nicely and had to be done! Erin borrowed some as well and to be honest I think we totally "rocked it"! :)

Also we managed to get a picture of the 2 of us where we both looked decent, this is actually quite rare for us as one of us is usually pulling some weird pose or has their eyes shut and hair all over the place, so after searching through hundreds of rather disappointing photos we found this. Was a pretty proud moment for us!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Faux Fancy

With the new years sales on at the moment there are so many nice clothes to buy on the high street but can high street pieces compete with the luxury of a designer wardrobe?

I have found a lot of items which are very similar to designer brand versions but for a fraction of the price so instead of buying one designer why not buy them all from the high street!
Of course with a cheaper high street option, you miss the added comfort and little extras in detail that come with designer options as well of course just the label and just knowing the item is a designer! But decide for yourselves whether the pieces are really worth their expensive price tags when the high street has so much to offer....

Glittery Heels

The lovely sparkly heels on the left are from Christian Louboutin and are obviously pure luxury in a shoe, and with the trademark red sole would be a privilege to own, are they really worth the four figure price tag for such a statement shoe that wouldn't be worn that often when you could buy the very similar pair on the right from Jane Norman for £40. I actually have a pair of these particular shoes and they are some of the most comfortable heels I have worn for a long period of time.

Black Platforms

On the right, another pair of Louboutins for $1,075 (for some reason I wasn't on the UK website but this is about £670) and they are a classic shoe and completely perfect in every way, but everyone needs black heels and wouldn't you rather spend £24.75 on the similar pair on the left from Forever 21, I know I would...and I did!


Satchels are really big in fashion at the moment, and it is obvious why, they are practical bags that still look good and go with a lot of outfits. The Cambridge Satchel Company are an obvious designer choice for the perfect satchel but at £113 each, your purse inside the satchel would probably be empty! So if you don't have the spare money try a similar design from H&M for £19.99. My friend has a real Cambridge Satchel Company satchel and they are noticeably nice and well designed as well as durable but I have a satchel from H&M and I think it is worth the money I saved!

Clutch Bag

The designer option for this cool and retro bag is on the left from bag designer Lu Lu Guiness and she is famous for this style of bags and has clearly perfected them! Unfortunately, it is £295 worth of for the one on the right, it is from Henry Holland at Debenhams and is £25. It is a cool bag in an interesting colour and definitely and eye catching piece, but there are always affordable high street options!

The Versatile Blogger Award!

We have been nominated twice for The Versatile Blogger Award by Olivia ( and Louise ( ) check out their amazing blogs! And we are so happy to have been nominated so THANK YOU to Olivia and Louise for that, really nice of them!

The Versatile Blogger Award is for fairly new bloggers and these are the rules....
1. Nominate up to 15 other bloggers who are quite new to blogging
2. Let them know that you have nominated them
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post

Seven Random Facts about us are.....
1. Well there's two of us in case you hadn't realised! :) and we are Louise and Erin from Essex (Louise the blonde one and Erin the brunette), we have known each other for about 4 1/2 years now, we met at school.
2. We have actually met Jedward just a couple of times and we absolutely  love them -they are crazy but cool guys, not everyone's cup of tea as we know, but once you get to know them and talk to them they are so funny and they're really friendly and nice.
3. We are big fans of a good moustache! Its always fun to make one out of your own or someone else's (as long as you know them! No perving randomers!) hair!
4. We share absolutely everything, literally its ridiculous! Money, food, body spray, hair brushes, iPhones sometimes, books, nail varnish, a twitter account, hair stuff we bought together and of course THIS BLOG! :D
5. Once (at Keith Lemon's movie premier)  we sung a Billy Ocean song to David Hasselhoff while we walked out of the cinema next to him, yanno just casually....not everyday ya sing "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" to The Hoff as he gives you a completely freaked out/confused/scared look (he loved us really......).
6. We did the Gangnam Style dance with 10,000 other people at Wembley! DREAM COME TRUE! 
7. We are amazeballs procrastinators (if that is a word...?) we can put anything boring i.e. revision off forever! And get soooo easily distracted by anything.....and frequently use the word "YOLO" to justify the lack of work!

And our nominations for The Versatile Blogger Award are....
Lucy -

Claire - - Claire's blog isn't actually fashion or beauty related but since she makes us like some of the nicest cakes ever, we thought we should include her, and also it's her Birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!

Make sure you check out all their blogs! And thanks again to Olivia and Louise for nominating us!

Thursday, 3 January 2013


We decided to set up our first blog give away! YAY! This blog give away is to celebrate the fact that being new to the blogging network we've finally managed to get a "join this site" button on the right hand side of our blog, so now everyone reading can finally follow us *hint hint*!

So if you find our posts at all amusing, interesting, inspiring or just plain fascinating feel free to follow our blog.

Anyway so what we are giving away are these fabulous sparkly black glitter platform high heels in size 7, originally from New Look, we absolutely love them  and were both rather disappointed when we found out they weren't in our size. So whoever gets them in the end we will both be forever jealous but we hope you enjoy them.

If you fancy entering we would be very grateful if you could tweet/facebook/post/comment about our blog and our give away, just because we are new and currently have no followers and would love it if more people could get the opportunity to own these fabulous heels and read our posts as we spend quite a long time on them and it would be great to know other people are reading and enjoying them :) Thank you! 

Enter Below up to the end of January, we choose Rafflecopter as other blogs seem to use it and it is the fairest way! (UK residents only due to postage costs)

Love Louise and Erin xxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lots of Love for.....LuLu Guiness Bags

Its a designer I haven't heard too much about in the past but after checking out the website, I now LOVE LuLu Guiness Bags, they are seriously lush!
Their trademark seems to be lip shaped perspex clutch bags but i was really interested in some of the other styles of bags, such as the clutch shaped like a London Taxi, I think that has to be my favourite, it is so cute.
The bags are really statement items so would probably go nicely with a more plain outfit as the bag speaks for itself, there are so many nice ones, such as ones styled to look like books or flowers, and decorated like shop windows. They aren't really for everyday use as they are quite detailed and fancy so would be nice in the evening with a dress.
Also, they are quite pricey (ranging from around £200-£500) but I'm sure if you were lucky enough to have one of these bags, they would be worth the cost, after all in a designer item you are always paying for the added durability, longevity, detail and care.
All of LuLu Guiness' bags are produced ethically in the UK -s'always good!
Other than handbags, they also make: luggage, umbrellas, cosmetic bags, compact mirrors, purses and watches.
If you have the extra money to spend, I think its a great place to look for accessories, especially bags! They have stores all over the world (the London one is 3 Ellis Street) and ship to the US and Canada as well as the UK
And they have a sale on at the moment, so GO GO GO!

Outfit Of The Day: CraZy CraZy CraZy till we see the sun!

Not the most formal "outfit of the day", but here is my outfit for New Years Eve:
 Cropped cream knit jumper from Hollister, this jumper is really soft and very comfortable even after washing, it goes with most trousers, shorts, skirts etc and the sleeves are a nice length for my extra long arms.

Black velvet type material shorts from Forever 21, got these in the sale for £4.99 (BARGAIN!), simple design but go great with tights for in the winter and would match most t-shirts in the summer.
Black oversized furry handbag with brown straps, I actually got this bag for Christmas a few years ago from Paul's Boutique (*Cringe* I know), although I am usually against the Paul's Boutique brand while looking on their website for my cousins present I saw this, and unlike most of their products it wasn't luminous green or orange with PAUL'S BOUTIQUE plastered on every square inch, so once removing the weird colourful pom pom keyring it came with you can't even tell where it's from, and quite a lot of people usually comment on how nice it is!

My bracelet is quite "jazzy" with a row of silver sparkly beads in a black thread, my friends mum actually made this for me but you can get them in most places now in most colours for quite cheap prices.

Anyway so that was my New Years Eve outfits, while some people were in pubs getting drunk we went for a rather different approach for seeing in the new year, we ended up putting on the onesies, watching the Alan Carr special, listening to One Direction, eating chocolate, trying on Erin's wardrobe and we even ended up sticking on some fake moustaches Erin got for Christmas.... as you do! 

Last Evening of 2012 well spent I think :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Barry M Chameleon Nail Varnish Review

So for Christmas from a friend I received a Chameleon Blue nail varnish from Barry M, after trying to work out what was so different about it for around an hour together we managed to figure out that when you apply a clear coat over the nail varnish it turns a different colour, in this case the metallic bright blue went a deep shade of purple, Me being not the best at nail art and creatively enable only managed to come up with this rather sad attempt for a "design" if you could call it that,  a purple main body with a blue tip, almost like a rather bad twist on the French manicure. 
Anyway I really like the idea and colour of this nail varnish, next time I am going to try using a cotton bud or something small so I can draw a pattern on in the clear nail varnish and hopefully it will look a little more professional. I reckon if this was done probably it could look really really nice, there are loads of designs you could do, you could create a tye dye effect or write letters or even improve my rather dodgy attempt of coloured tips.
So I would recommend this nail varnish as it is a great idea and like all Barry M nail varnish, it didn't chip!

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