Sunday, 30 December 2012

How to get recruited/scouted to work in Hollister or Abercrombie

A lot of people these days want to work in Hollister, Abercrombie or Gilly Hicks beacuse of their cool, young and fresh shop atmosphere and although you can apply through their website or by going into the store and asking the manager, the majority of people who work there tend to of been asked instead applying on their own accord. So as we've both been asked a couple of times to be "store models" (i.e. someone who folds clothes and really just does the general shop assistant type duties not really any modelling involved) we thought we'd put together  5 little tips just to help everyone out.

Tip Number 1: All the shops under the "Abercrombie" company have a certain "look policy" that all store associates have to comply with, they prefer employees to have that natural "California look", this includes looking natural and fresh like you've just walked off of the beach. So when wanting a job and entering the store make sure you have little make up on, all blemishes are covered, no brightly coloured hair (this includes dip dyes or roots showing), a good suggestion would be to have wavy hair, not too messy but also not too neat. Just take a look at the other employees for inspiration. For boys clean shaven!

Tip Number 2: Abercrombie and Hollister etc do not sell the colour black, so if you are looking for a job there I wouldn't arrive wearing head to toe black, instead try wearing the relaxed and preppy type style clothes they sell, but I wouldn't go in wearing all Hollister as this may look a little desperate.

Tip Number 3: Stay in shape, this doesn't mean being stick thin and starving yourself, just be healthy,it's just they only tend to sell clothes in smallerish sizes and if you can't fit in their clothes you are unlikely to get the job, also eating unhealthy can cause spots which will be a disadvantage when looking to get the job.

Tip Number 4: Smile! The people who recruit people to work there are only going to ask people who they would enjoy working with, and the more you smile the friendlier you look so therefore you are more noticeable as a happy person they would want to work with. Also when one of the employees says one of their "cheesy" catch phrases to you at the door, don't ignore them either smile or say hello, this way they are more likely to notice you, and think if you ignore them you could be the most Hollister looking person ever but who would want to work with someone who isn't friendly?

Tip Number 5: If you do get asked make sure to sound friendly to the person who asks you, you never know they may remember you and might lead your interview also turn up to the interview looking casual, natural and fresh faced, also make sure you arrive 10 minutes early just in case as no one likes people who are late.

Don't get upset if you aren't asked, these shops are usually packed with people and sometimes  the employees might not have time to have a good look at everyone shopping (I mean the lights are very low), if you want the job that much just ask to speak to the manager and see what happens, it's only a minimum wage sales assistant job at the end of the day!

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