Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year Wishlist: Mulberry Bayswater Oak Natural Leather Handbag

As we're almost in 2013 it's only right to make a totally unrealistic wish for next year, so after looking on the Mulberry website for about an hour and almost crying about how much I wanted some of the bags I picked my favourite and decided to blog about it, I mean you never know Mulberry might see this post and deicide to send one to us *HINT HINT MULBERRY*, but as this is highly unlikely I will just carry on wishing and tell you about it instead.

There were some close contenders for "Favourite bag" but after a long hard think I decided the Bayswater Oak Natural Leather handbag was by far my preference, but at £795 I think it's time to get a job and fast, even birthday money and Christmas money saved up together couldn't buy me this. 

What first drew me to this wonderful bag was the simplicity and elegance of the design, it just looks expensive and classic, which if you're paying almost £800 you would expect, the colour would go with a lot of outfits and the simple gold clasp doesn't overwhelm the simplicity. Even the "Oak Natural Leather" sounds extremely posh and adds to my overall lust for this bag, I imagine the leather would smell, look and feel like royalty in a handbag. 

So yes if anyone reading has a spare £795 and a generous heart I would gladly accept this bag as a present, but as that seems highly unrealistic it looks like I need to sort out my CV and apply for some proper part time jobs, because that seems the only way I am ever going to hold such a marvellous bag!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Daxon Fashion Blogger Network

Hi Everyone, well we have seen this posted by a few other bloggers recently and decided it was only important for us to take part too. Daxon ( ) is giving such a wonderful opportunity to  fashion bloggers everywhere by giving everyone a £50 Amazon voucher for simply adding their badge onto their side bar and writing a blog post letting other deserving fashion bloggers know about it.

All the details are here !

Daxon is part of Redcats, which is the 3rd largest home shopping organisation in the world, pretty impressive to be honest! They aim to source the best quality products and offer the highest possible customer service level, as well as selling some beautiful women's clothing such as tops, tunics, leggings, coats, skirts and knitwear they also provide jewellery, accessories, home ware  underwear and a variety of different shoes such as sandals, boots, loafers, slippers and specialist comfort food, and not only that they also provide high quality menswear including shoes and clothes and plus sizes with popular brands such as Women Within, it has everything anyone would want!

At the moment they are also offering an amazing up to 70% off, these are some of our favourite items that they sell:

This fashionable and smart grey and black two tone blazer reduced from £59 to £35, a great deal and great blazer suitable for work or a more formal night out.

This fun and sparkly purple and oversized crystal ball adjustable ring, a very fashionable piece for only £5, something that would cost you well over double the price in Topshop.

So overall we think Daxon do some great pieces for affordable prices which anyone will love, especially with their sale on at the moment we feel everyone should get involved and go and purchase some of their items. Not only do they deliver all their products for a small fee but if you need to return it you won't have to pay a penny, returns are 100% free!

So go check out Daxon and their wonderful website and fashion blogging network! So THANK YOU DAXON!

But be quick all posts must be posted by 31/12/12!

How to get recruited/scouted to work in Hollister or Abercrombie

A lot of people these days want to work in Hollister, Abercrombie or Gilly Hicks beacuse of their cool, young and fresh shop atmosphere and although you can apply through their website or by going into the store and asking the manager, the majority of people who work there tend to of been asked instead applying on their own accord. So as we've both been asked a couple of times to be "store models" (i.e. someone who folds clothes and really just does the general shop assistant type duties not really any modelling involved) we thought we'd put together  5 little tips just to help everyone out.

Tip Number 1: All the shops under the "Abercrombie" company have a certain "look policy" that all store associates have to comply with, they prefer employees to have that natural "California look", this includes looking natural and fresh like you've just walked off of the beach. So when wanting a job and entering the store make sure you have little make up on, all blemishes are covered, no brightly coloured hair (this includes dip dyes or roots showing), a good suggestion would be to have wavy hair, not too messy but also not too neat. Just take a look at the other employees for inspiration. For boys clean shaven!

Tip Number 2: Abercrombie and Hollister etc do not sell the colour black, so if you are looking for a job there I wouldn't arrive wearing head to toe black, instead try wearing the relaxed and preppy type style clothes they sell, but I wouldn't go in wearing all Hollister as this may look a little desperate.

Tip Number 3: Stay in shape, this doesn't mean being stick thin and starving yourself, just be healthy,it's just they only tend to sell clothes in smallerish sizes and if you can't fit in their clothes you are unlikely to get the job, also eating unhealthy can cause spots which will be a disadvantage when looking to get the job.

Tip Number 4: Smile! The people who recruit people to work there are only going to ask people who they would enjoy working with, and the more you smile the friendlier you look so therefore you are more noticeable as a happy person they would want to work with. Also when one of the employees says one of their "cheesy" catch phrases to you at the door, don't ignore them either smile or say hello, this way they are more likely to notice you, and think if you ignore them you could be the most Hollister looking person ever but who would want to work with someone who isn't friendly?

Tip Number 5: If you do get asked make sure to sound friendly to the person who asks you, you never know they may remember you and might lead your interview also turn up to the interview looking casual, natural and fresh faced, also make sure you arrive 10 minutes early just in case as no one likes people who are late.

Don't get upset if you aren't asked, these shops are usually packed with people and sometimes  the employees might not have time to have a good look at everyone shopping (I mean the lights are very low), if you want the job that much just ask to speak to the manager and see what happens, it's only a minimum wage sales assistant job at the end of the day!

Lola's Cupcakes, yum!

Bit of a detour from the usual "fashion and beauty" posts, but these cupcakes were so nice I had to blog about it!

Recently managed to get hold of some of these tasty cupcakes from a company called Lola's cupcakes which has stores around London and Kent including in Selfridges and Topshop! They were really really tasty and soft and the family ate them in about 2 minutes, for £2.50 each and lots of different flavours like banana, chocolate and  even passion fruit they were definitely worth it, I would recommend these to anyone who loves a good cake.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

L'Oreal Paris Wild Ombre Preference Kit REVIEW

I'd been thinking about an ombre dip dye for a little while as I had always liked them and I heard about this product by L'Oreal called the Wild Ombre kit and decided to try it out.
The kit comes in three different shades and the intensity depends on the natural colour of your hair (No1 for light to dark brown, No2 for dark blonde to light brown, and No3 for blonde to dark blonde) it is important to choose the right one for your shade of hair so your dip dye looks fairly natural and well faded. I went for No1 as this is my current hair colour.....a natural dark brown that I dyed red a bit over a year ago and is now a medium-ish browny red.

At first I thought I would have to dye my hair a medium shade of brown before using the dip dye because I was worried it wouldn't work on red hair, or it would look weird or....i might go ginger (dun dun dun!)
But in the end I thought YOLO I would just got for it and recently the tips of my hair have kind of faded into a more brown colour and the red tends to be more prominent further towards my roots so the ombre colour should turn out okay.
So other than that my main worry was that my hair would be irreversibly damaged by this colour because it does contain some lightening agents like Hydrogen Peroxide as well as Ammonia and I was mainly worried that it would damage it so much that it would no longer be naturally curly, but I researched this and as this is only the second time I have permanently dyed my hair the damage shouldn't be too bad.

The dye kit comes with a rectangular brush to apply the colour and it is easy to use. The kit advises starting the colour between the ear and chin but as my hair is quite long, I opted for further down and mine starts just under my shoulder -I really think where you begin brushing it in should be determined on an individual basis by how long your hair actually is.
After brushing in the dye, I added more the tips using my hands to enhance the ombre effect and faded look.

This is the final result and it turned out quite well! It is a noticeable change yet still a natural look that is easy to achieve!
its still good for making moustaches!
As you can see the tips are noticeably lighter than my roots so overall I am pleased with the result from this snazzy dye kit and would definitely recommend it if you are looking into a home dip dye!

Topshop Playsuit

So we went after christmas sales shopping and totally abused them by buying stuff not on sale, but the sales weren't that good anyway -the pre christmas sales were actually better! Im hoping the sales get better when January starts but who knows...
Anyway I bought this shamazing playsuit from Topshop, it was £26 and actually from the swimwear section so it is probably meant for beachwear over bikinis and stuff. I worried that because of this it might be kinda see-through but it's not! Its definitely wearable anywhere in the summer! I definitely prefer dressing in summer because the clothes can be a lot nicer than winter and you don't need to carry coats, umbrellas, boots etc and what could be easier and nicer than a great playsuit!
I really like the pattern which is on trend at the moment and the colours work well together. I also think the style and cut would flatter a lot of body shapes as it has an elasticated waist and the bottom half has a nice shape to it.
The only thing was because it is from a swimwear section, it didnt come in actual dress sizes, it was Small, medium and large, which can be annoying as you dont know which one to get and it never fits as well as if you had your own specific size.
I will definitley be wearing it A LOT in summer and overall I would say GET YOURSELVES TO TOPSHOP!

Friday, 28 December 2012

£3.99 dress? Neverrr.....

Black flowery dress - Forever 21 - Pre Christmas sale - £3.99

As sad as this is I've got to admit that buying this lovely dress for £3.99 in the pre Christmas sale is one of my biggest and proudest achievements of 2012. While shopping for late Christmas presents of onesies, hand creams and perfumes I decided to have a quick peak in Forever 21 in Bluewater shopping centre, and thank God I did! After searching round for a few minutes looking through racks of clothes that were in odd sizes I came across a rack full of these amazing dresses for £3.99 each, and I knew when I saw it and figured out that yes they really did mean the dress was that cheap that I had to buy it. 

The good thing about this dress is its stretchy material meaning (being 5ft 10) I could easily pull it down slightly so it wasn't too short, however if you did want it shorter it wouldn't look miss-shaped and rolled up. Also it can be worn dressy with heels and sparkly bracelets or less formal with tights and boots.

After looking round the Pre-Christmas sales and the Boxing day sales I can safely say I preferred the Pre-Christmas sales just because everything was more organised, there were less crowds and you could actually find reasonable items for cheap prices in smaller sizes. I found the Boxing Day sales to be unorganised and honestly and mess of weird sizes and patterns, definitely a disappointment compared to last year although I did find a nice belt for £1.99 :)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

December bargain: Faux Fur Coat H&M £20

After searching for a faux fur coat for ages now I came across this in the pre Christmas sale, and was very very very happy when I discovered the sale price!

Leopard print faux fur coat: H&M: £20 in Pre Christmas Sale (£49.99 original price)

This coat is such a bargain that I had to get it, I have been looking for a faux fur coat for a while now and decided to wait for the January sales to see if I could grab a bargain, although when shopping today in Bluewater in Kent I discovered this while looking for a knitted pencil skirt. 
You would think being so cheap that the texture wouldn't be as soft as higher price fur jackets but it is surprisingly soft and extremely warm, a definite bargain for £20. Although the real test will be to see if the soft texture stays after its first wash.
I will definitely be having a good look around the After Christmas sales and like always \I will be there at 6am on Boxing Day first in the line to get the good stuff before it goes, I may even come home with another one even cheaper. 
I would recommend January sales to everyone, you just have to look through all the junk to find the nice things for a great price.


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Onesies: an all-in-one dream!

Some people hate them, but I will NEVER stop loving adult onesies!
They are just soooo amazing, I got my first one just over two years ago and now I'm obsessed with them. They are perfect; theyre the most comfortable pajamas and theyre just really cool!
Primark, New Look, Forever 21, and Topshop all sell great ones
The animal ones like bears, donkeys and reindeers are really fun, but I also love the plain fairisle design ones.

Theres so many different styles, they make ones with feet, without feet, with or without hoods, and pockets....Everyone can find a perfect oneise!

Finally: Patterned leggings for tall girls

After struggling for the last year to find some patterned leggings that actually reach my ankles (being 5ft 10 with very long legs), I have finally found some on the Topshop website under the tall section. Hallelujah!! 

These leggings are an aztec design available in sizes 8-16 for £20, I thought this was a bargain for TopShop. Although I have seen more stylish patterned leggings around, these are the only pair I've found that actually fit  girls who are over 5ft 8, and I kind of like that they are in black and white as it would go with a lot of other pieces.

So I will now be ordering myself a pair and will greatly enjoy the fact that they will reach my ankle, THANK YOU TOPSHOP!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Trends for your head!

So finally the snapback hat trend has been replaced (about time), and in my personal opinion the new hat trend is a vast improvement. This new trend of hat seems so have adopted a variety of different nicknames such as "the new beanie hats", "bobble hats" and even "Dappy Hats" after the singer Dappy in the British band N-Dubz but I always refer to them as "Pom-Pom Hats". Simply they are a knitted style beanie hat with a large pom pom on the top. Originally when I first thought that only boys vould wear them, but slowly girl celebrities started wearing them too and high street chain started selling them for girls aswell as boys, and thank god because I LOVE THEM!

So after ruining one by attempting to cut the label out of it and instead cutting the wool and making the biggest whole I've ever seen in it I decided to go and buy myself another one (and leave any labels on). 
This is a purple one I bought from Forever21 for £6.65, they also did it in other colours like cream, red and blue but I thought the purple was the nicest!

It keeps your ears so warm and it looks great if you have longish hair worn down. So ditch the snapbacks please and buy one of these! (But keep the label in hahahaa)

High Street Fashion Awards! Lerin Style...

These are my High Street Fashion Awards, so what shops I think are best for what! Enjoy...

1. Best For: PRICE
This has to be Primark. Primark is known for being cheap and is! I can't say that everything in Primark is in any way decent but sometimes they can do the odd nice thing, but more importantly it is a great place to buy plain, essential things like plain vests, underwear, socks etc. Why pay more for a different label when it is going to be the exact same thing in another shop!

2. Best For: PETITE
In my opinion, ASOS do a great petite range. All the clothes have just the right proportions for those who are vertically challenged -it also goes down to a size 4. It is great to have clothes fit exaclty as their meant to, they look noticabley better so it definitley worth buying petite clothes if you are under average height.

I think that this is Topshop. Its always young and current and has the latest trends straight away. Topshop takes inspiration straight from the lastest catwalks which is why they always have edgy statement pieces.

4. Best For: SHOES
I think New Look is the best high street shop for shoes as they always have a wide selection of good staple flat shoes. But also they have amazing heels in there for reasonable prices and shoes can often be really expensive but new look always has amazeballs heels for good prices.

5. Best For: TALL
I don't really know anything at all about being tall but Louise says that she likes Topshop's tall range but Dorothy Perkins is the best place for tall jeans. So I would say Dorothy Perkins win this for making such long-legged jeans!

6. Best For: VARIETY
Forever 21 wins this because they have so many different styles of clothes and they're all soo nice! I just gurantee you wouldn't be able to go into Forever 21 and not like at least one thing!

7. Best For: KNITWEAR
A lot of places have nice jumpers but at the moment I think the best shop for knitwear is H&M because I was in there last week and they had a variety of knitwear and all for good prices. The only thing was some of it was that kind of hairy wool that itches when you wear it (especially the jumpers from Lana Del Ray's range)

8. Best For: COATS
Coats can be difficult to buy because nice ones are so expensive, yet you buy one and it only goes with a limited amount of clothes, so you need another in a different colour! But unfortunately I would say there isnt really a way around this -cheap coats look cheap so dont go there! In general the best place for coats is probably Topshop as the colours are always in style yet the designs are classic and basic.

9. Best For: DRESSES
I think that Miss Selfridge is the best high street option for buying dresses. They always sell a variety of daytime and eveningwear but I think they are a particularly good option for buying formalwear because of their classic yet pretty style. Miss Selfridge always has loads of different styles and colours of dresses all year around to suit anyone and they look expensive and classy.

Personally, I love Topshop jewellery. Topshop has cool and funky rings and bracelets etc but also pretty and cute things too! I can never go near Topshop's jewelerry section because if I do, I'll be broke by the time i get home....i have to be restrained.

11. Best For: BAGS
River Island has always sold reeaaallyyy nice bags and I always want them all, also they usually have matching purses too. River Island sells classic, timeless yet fashionable bags in great colours and patterns. But they are usually fairly expensive.

12. Best For: ONLINE
My best online shop is although the sizes are always off -all the clothes are too big, I think boohoo sell really pretty clothes at good prices. And it is always convenient to order online!

For me, this is Gilly Hicks their underwear is always comfotable and a good fit as well as nice colours and styles.

Overall..... The LerinStyle high street best is.....
TOPSHOP is a good all rounder for fashion and high street value. I just love Topshop and can't go in there without wanting absoloutley EVERYTHING! Its a high street favourite winner.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Whole Lotty Spotty

I wore this outfit shopping a little while ago, and s'all matchy-matchy, which I am like obsessed with.

So, I wore.....
Navy blue polka dot shorts with a thin brown belt that has a gold clasp (Primark) I think they were about £10 which is quite good as they're a nice shape and style as well as fashionable colour and pattern.
Brown Leather Jacket (H&M) I love this jacket soooo much, I got it for my birthday earlier this year and it just goes with absolutely everything! Also it is surprisingly warm in winter yet cool in summer. It has zip details on the cuffs and buckles at the waist as well as decorative quilting on the shoulders -all of these aspects make the jacket more interesting and even look more expensive.
Blue Polka Dot Bag With Brown Leather-Look Straps this bag's pattern goes exactly with the shorts and the brown straps brings in the brown from the jacket and belt.
I also wore a plain white vest (the colour of the spots)
For accessories I had...
Navy Blue Loafers With Brown Leather Panels And Gold Chain Decoration these obviously go with the blue and brown in my outfit
A Gold Chain Like Bracelet (H&M) this chunky bracelet is exactly like the chain on my shoes so it matches them
White Pearly Bracelet and Ring, I wore these because they are basically white spots -following the theme of white polka dots.
And Make Up...
I painted my nails dark blue, and as I went shopping in the evening after being out with just mascara on all day, I added navy blue eyeliner and a light brown lipstick (all matching my outfit's colours)
Because it was November-ish when I went out, of course I had skin coloured tights on. Only thing took me ages to realise I actually had my shorts on backwards...Awkward!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Westfield and Why I love it!

Westfield in Stratford City, London opened just over a year ago now and I have been a big fan from the very start!
Its easy to get to by train with a station exit straight into the mall, or by car with a car park thats easily accessed from the shops.
I think its layout is better than other shopping centres like Lakeside and Bluewater because its more straight forward and the shops are so easy to find!
But the best thing about Westfield is all the different shops of course and I think it has amazeballs ones. There is a really good mix of shops, they're young and fashionable and I never feel like I'm missing something when I'm there. Also the selection of food places is great -to be honest they have a Nandos and with that I'm always pleased...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Wishlist 4: High Neck Beaded Crop Top

Topshop: £42: High Neck Beaded Crop Top: UK sizes 6-16

While wandering around Oxford Street's Topshop (one of the biggest and best Topshops around) we found this amazing high necked, beaded crop top. We both instantly loved it and would of bought it there and then if we had bothered to bring enough money out with us. The sparkly gold/silver beads that pattern the top make the rather simple design and shape somewhat more interesting and suitable for  more formal evening occasions as well as on a day to day basis with a pair of black skinny jeans.

Rather disappointed that neither of us bought enough money to buy it, so therefore this Topshop top is the fourth item on our wishlist :)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Wishlist 3: Pop Couture Kura Snake Print Jeans

Kura Black and Gold Snake Print Jeans - PopCouture - £23 - Sizes UK 6-14

Quite a lot of bloggers have been blogging about "Pop Couture" lately, having never heard of the brand before I decided to check out their website and was pleasantly surprised. They offer loads of cheap but good quality, fashion and fit clothing as well as accessories. 

An item that really caught my eye was these jeans, the gold pattern down each leg is really unique and striking without being "OTT", a great change to a simple black jean. 

I was also really surprised about how cheap this product was, £23 is very reasonable for such a nice pair of jeans. So these had to be the 3rd item on our blogs wishlist and will most likely be purchased ASAP!
£2.95 UK delivery, also does worldwide for a higher price

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Review: Tangle Teezer

After struggling to brush my thick and rather frizzy hair without pulling knotted clumps of it out and due to being recommended it by about 10 different people, I decided to finally buy myslef a Tangle Teezer. I have to admit it has been one of my best hair care purchases ever, and I'm not to sure how I ever survived without it.

I purchased my Tangle Teezer from Boots for £10.99 although you can buy them online easily through Amazon, Ebay etc..

Being born with thick, frizzy and curly-ish hair brushing it has always been a nuisance, I only brush my hair when its wet after I wash it just to get the knots out, if I brush it while dry the curls disappear and it just turns into a puffy and even thicker mess. The change I had  in brushing my hair after purchasing a Tangle Teezer (which has 2 different size "teeth") was amazing.

The biggest difference I found it had with my hair was when brushing my hair wet, instead of clumps of knotty hair being pulled out I found only a few stray hairs were left in the brush.

The pain that I usually came across when trying to pull a brush through ridiculously knotty hair had gone and the Tangle Teezer would easily glide through my hair. It is great!

The only negative point is the design, although it comes in a variety of colours, the shape seems to always be a "half an egg". I find it really awkward to hold and continuously drop it due to the slippery plastic and no clear handle. Another thing is the bristles are fairly short and as my hair is thick doesn't brush through the whole width of my hair, this isn't a big issue though as all I have to do is flip my hair over and brush the bottom, not a big deal.

I would recommend this to anyone who suffers with knotty hair as it literally is a life saver :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Barry M Nail Varnish!

Barry M makes THE best nail varnish EVER. Fact.
(The code numbers for the polishes are in brackets)

Plain Colours: For starters they just make the nicest coloured nail varnish and soooo many different colours too! I have about six plain colours at the moment (272 shocking pink, 317 blue moon, 307 lemon, 301 block orange, 292 navy, 47 black) but I really want another pink and purple one too (279 bright pink and 303 bright purple) the purple especially is really unusual.
Barry M is so good because there will always be the exact colour to match any outfit which is AMAZEBALLS because I'm obsessed with having my nails match my outfit :)
Foil Effect: Barry M make so many different kinds of nail varnish that do really cool things and one that I really like if the 'foil effect' one which is made in gold and silver. I have it in gold (320 foil effects), and it looks sooo good. I found it really difficult to find a gold nail varnish that was plain gold without glitter or looking too bronze coloured, so I was really happy with this. When applied it is really shiny and the 'foil effect' is obvious :)

Glitter: Probably my favourite type of nail varnish ever is GLITTER! Barry M make some lush glitter nail varnishes. I have three; two of them are like a block glitter colour with fine glitter particles, mine are red and blue (150 red glitter and 297 blue glitter) and I LOVE them! My other one is slightly different; it is sort of like a clear nail polish with larger pieces of glitter floating in it, in pink and silver (352 pink sapphire glitter) -this is what I used to paint my phone with (see earlier post)

Crackle: I have never been a big fan of the usual crackle effect nail varnish, personally I think it just looks like your nail varnish has chipped and you cant be bothered to take it off or repaint them. But Barry M have made a 'croc crackle effect' polish which crackles with a sort of snakeskin effect and it looks so nice. Mine is a charcoal colour (323 croc effects) and I think this one looks nice with gold, it does come in other colours too! You just paint it on top of a plain colour, wait three minutes and your nails look well snazzy!  This croc effect crackle nail varnish is a great alternative to the plain crackle ones as it is much neater and prettier.

Magnetic: This one that I was confused about at first -but like now.It is a plain nail varnish colour -mine is deep red (327 magnetic burgundy), but the bottle comes with a square lid which has a magnet on it that makes a pattern on your nails which is shown in a drawing on the side of the lid. Basically after painting the second coat on, you hold the magnet above your nails and the indicated pattern appears! Mine is diagonal stripes which gives a really glossy look. Each colour comes with a different magnet pattern, I only have one but i think it would be cool to buy a few and mix and match colours and patterns!

Check out my advent calendar this year -filled with nail varnishes!
I think my love for Barry M will last forever -they are just always bringing out new snazzy nail varnishes and are always the first brand to try new ideas and always in the perfect colours!

Other brands to try as well are BeautyUK and NailsInc

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas at Primark!

I have officially entered Christmas mode now it is December, so on the 1st of December we went to Westfield in London and I ended up buying some rather pointless Christmasy products from Primark just to be more festive!

First thing I HAD to buy was a reindeer onesie, I LOVE onesies and anything christmasy so combine the two and BAM I need it.

I bought the mega warm reindeer onesie for £12, I'd call that a bargain to be honest. 
It comes in sizes 6-22 but they sell out quick, it went from a full rack in the morning to there being none left by the end of the day.

Plus it has a  red nose, eyes, paws, antlers and even a tail, AMAZING!

Also I couldn't resist buying these rather festive set of 3 reindeer socks for £3, these were my favourite pair, more reindeers wooo!

I managed to show the cashier in B&Q my socks because somehow we ended up on the conversation when buying paint, and she loved them too hahaha :)


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Wishlist 2 - Gold sequin shorts

The second ever wishlist post, today I wish I had these amazingly sparkly gold sequin shorts!
£30- River Island- Gold sequin shorts- sizes UK 6-18

Sequinned or sparkly high waisted shorts seem to be in fashion right now as they seem to be in every shop everywhere, first I didn't really like them but then I saw a model wearing them in a magazine and they look really nice. Although many shops sell them my favourite so far are River Island's ones, I love the zip on the back and the variety of colours it comes in such as reds, blues and pinks. 

The only thing I'd say about these is that they are very short, so only wear them if you have the legs for them and if you are young and going out somewhere party-ish, because you would look a bit weird strutting about the high street at lunch time in these :)

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