Friday, 28 December 2012

£3.99 dress? Neverrr.....

Black flowery dress - Forever 21 - Pre Christmas sale - £3.99

As sad as this is I've got to admit that buying this lovely dress for £3.99 in the pre Christmas sale is one of my biggest and proudest achievements of 2012. While shopping for late Christmas presents of onesies, hand creams and perfumes I decided to have a quick peak in Forever 21 in Bluewater shopping centre, and thank God I did! After searching round for a few minutes looking through racks of clothes that were in odd sizes I came across a rack full of these amazing dresses for £3.99 each, and I knew when I saw it and figured out that yes they really did mean the dress was that cheap that I had to buy it. 

The good thing about this dress is its stretchy material meaning (being 5ft 10) I could easily pull it down slightly so it wasn't too short, however if you did want it shorter it wouldn't look miss-shaped and rolled up. Also it can be worn dressy with heels and sparkly bracelets or less formal with tights and boots.

After looking round the Pre-Christmas sales and the Boxing day sales I can safely say I preferred the Pre-Christmas sales just because everything was more organised, there were less crowds and you could actually find reasonable items for cheap prices in smaller sizes. I found the Boxing Day sales to be unorganised and honestly and mess of weird sizes and patterns, definitely a disappointment compared to last year although I did find a nice belt for £1.99 :)


  1. Great post and blog! I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here

    Olivia x

  2. Amazing, love it!!!
    Lots of Love aimie


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