Sunday, 23 December 2012

December bargain: Faux Fur Coat H&M £20

After searching for a faux fur coat for ages now I came across this in the pre Christmas sale, and was very very very happy when I discovered the sale price!

Leopard print faux fur coat: H&M: £20 in Pre Christmas Sale (£49.99 original price)

This coat is such a bargain that I had to get it, I have been looking for a faux fur coat for a while now and decided to wait for the January sales to see if I could grab a bargain, although when shopping today in Bluewater in Kent I discovered this while looking for a knitted pencil skirt. 
You would think being so cheap that the texture wouldn't be as soft as higher price fur jackets but it is surprisingly soft and extremely warm, a definite bargain for £20. Although the real test will be to see if the soft texture stays after its first wash.
I will definitely be having a good look around the After Christmas sales and like always \I will be there at 6am on Boxing Day first in the line to get the good stuff before it goes, I may even come home with another one even cheaper. 
I would recommend January sales to everyone, you just have to look through all the junk to find the nice things for a great price.



  1. Hi Louise and Erin,

    any interest to sell the faux coat? I could offer £100.
    It would be a very big help for me. You can contact me at Please let me know what you think about my offer. Thanks, Ina

  2. how tall are u and what was the size of your jacket:) ?


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