Saturday, 1 December 2012

Wishlist 2 - Gold sequin shorts

The second ever wishlist post, today I wish I had these amazingly sparkly gold sequin shorts!
£30- River Island- Gold sequin shorts- sizes UK 6-18

Sequinned or sparkly high waisted shorts seem to be in fashion right now as they seem to be in every shop everywhere, first I didn't really like them but then I saw a model wearing them in a magazine and they look really nice. Although many shops sell them my favourite so far are River Island's ones, I love the zip on the back and the variety of colours it comes in such as reds, blues and pinks. 

The only thing I'd say about these is that they are very short, so only wear them if you have the legs for them and if you are young and going out somewhere party-ish, because you would look a bit weird strutting about the high street at lunch time in these :)


1 comment:

  1. These shorts are really nice and such a bargain. xx



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