Friday, 30 November 2012

Wish List - Topshop cream dress

 So many other people seem to be doing wishlists as it's coming up to Christmas, so here we go...

£50 cream crystal collar flip dress - Topshop - sizes UK 6-16

I first saw this dress in a magazine I recently read and immediately loved it, so it had to be my first wishlist post. This dress is a short cream dress with short sleeves, a cream lace waist band and a crystallised collar.

I really like the simplicity of the design of the dress with the hint of something more fun and sophisticated with the lace waist band and the collar with crystals on. I would wear this dress for a more formal/ dress up occasion rather than every day, and I would wear this dress more in summer than winter as it is quite short and light coloured.

The only negatives I can think of about this piece is the fact that it's white which can get dirty easily, however this could probably be avoided by the majority of people who are careful, also the price,  £50 is slightly too expensive for what I usually spend on a dress for no particular reason, however if there was an event or party coming up I would definitely consider buying this!


Monday, 26 November 2012

Trends that ain't so Trendy...

Just some of my fashion hates which I see quite a lot lately. Not saying that if you wear them you are a horrible person or anything, just that I don't "dig" your look...

1) Patterned uggs- I've seen blue sparkly uggs, cheetah print uggs, zebra print uggs and even One Direction uggs and to be honest I don't get it. Uggs are really expensive and while yes the plain ones can look nice with a relaxed outfit, why anyone would spend £80+ on patterned uggs really confuses me. They barely go with anything and just don't look great.

2) Army/Camo jackets- I'm not a massive fan of camo jackets in general however some people with the right "indie" look can pull it off, however recently EVERYONE seems to be wearing them even when it isn't particularly their own style. It just looks stupid in my opinion when you see them group of 10+ 13 year old girls out shopping all with their matching camo jackets and converse, it just looks tacky. If it suits you wear it but if it's not your style and all your friends have one don't buy it just for the sake of fitting in, you can call it "indie/hipster" all you want but now everyone's wearing it, it certainly ins't!

3) I Phone touch friendly gloves- Okay good idea, I'll give who ever thought of them that, but why why why couldn't this person also make them fashionable, sorry but who wants a dull coloured boring shaped and material pair of gloves with different colour finger ends in an equally dull colour, not me! And they are so expensive too at around £15, I think I'd rather just not type while outside and buy some cheaper and way better gloves.

4) Snapbacks- I just don't get what's so amazing about them, unless you are naturally a "swaggy street" type person (they do exsist) then you just look stupid trying to look "gangster" when you are just not. It's kind of chavy if it's not your natural look. And when you see a group of 12 year olds all wearing really nice outfits then all different snapbacks I just cringe....sorry I really just don't get it!

We found a "snapback" in a shop and took this "lovely" photo, I'm obviously extremely jealous of Erin's "swag"...


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Models Own- Northern Lights

 Another post about sparkly nail varnishes..... this time it's: MODELS OWN - NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!!

I bought this colour in Boots for £5 and I really really like it, the colour is in-between pink and lilac glitter and isn't too lary yet is still noticeable  enough.  I think this colour is perfect for school/work/every day  use, the glitter gives the polish a fancier look that just a pale pink doesn't have! I LOVE IT!

Also if anyone has trouble taking off glittery nail varnish try this product by "Cutex" which is ultra cleansing, I got it for £2.99 and it gets off most tough nail varnishes and also smells surprisingly good :)


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Clarins skin illusion foundation review

So this is our first ever make up review post woooo! Today I went out to John Lewis with my mum to get my Christmas present, and I ended up getting make up from the company "Clarins". It is meant to be a really good make up brand and all the reviews I read said it was light and of a good quality, so my mum bought me a liquid foundation and an eyeshadow pallet. I would blog about those however I will have to wait till Christmas, so in the mean time I decided to review the foundation my mum bought.

It's a foundation called "skin illusion" in powder form, and comes in a variety of shades and sizes, we purchased the 13 grams pot for £25.

 Although it seems a lot compared to the cheaper range of foundations that you would buy in Boots or Superdrug, the quality is amazing, It covers up blemishes and levels out skin tone leaving a polished effect instead of a matt effect, which my mum preferred. What me and my mum liked most about Clarins foundation in general and was the way it looked and felt natural like you aren't even wearing any.  
  It also comes with a brush included for the £25 price, the brush is really good and suitably fits the foundation as it collects all the powder meaning none is wasted.

Me and my mum would so recommend this foundation and the whole Clarins range of foundations in general if you are willing to spend a little extra just because of the fact that it feels so light and nice. Also being made out of mineral and plant extracts it is completely natural so shouldn't irritate your skin.

If you are not sure on your skin tone, type and would have trouble choosing the correct foundation online I would definitely consider going into a department shop such as John Lewis or House of Fraser and get the people in there to help you decide and let you test it out!


They also do a variety of other products, so go have a look!


Decorate a room like Hollister!

Saw this article online about how to decorate a bedroom like hollister and it sounds soooooo coooool! I want my room like Hollister now!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Outfit of The Day - Beckyyy

We actually have someone else for the "Outfit of the Day" post today...BECKY DENNIS!!

Her outfit was amazing and I really wanted to steal it to be honest especially the shorts!

My favourite piece were her grey and white, high waisted, vintage chequered shorts which she got from Forever 21 for only £12, I was actually really surprised how nice they were for only £12, might have to go get some :)

Becky's blazer was a black, tailored blazer from Pull & Bear with a gold button at the front and 3/4 length sleeves with turned up ends in light bluey white colour. Being quite tall (5ft 11), having 3/4 length sleeves avoids the problem of having too short sleeves, (good tip there for all the tall people!)
Price: £26

The blouse was a cream colour with a ruffle down the front in the same type material, the blouse is from Hollister and is £38, quite expensive compared to the price of the shorts however Hollister's clothing is always such a good fit and quality you get what you pay for, also it smells really nice when you first buy it (like everything from Hollister), always a bonus!

Becky paired her outfit with black patent flat shoes from Dorothy Perkins for £16 creating a classic and fashionable tailored look!

Still very much jealous of this outfit!


*P.S Becky's first time being on a blog (she was very happy ahahaaa) everyone say hi to her on twitter @Becks97_ and go follow her, she's cool!"

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Addiction- Sparkly Nail Varnish

A couple of weekends ago I got this amazing sparkly nail varnish which has now become my new FAVOURITE!

I've never seen one quite like it as it has all different colour glitter segments instead of just shades of pink or blue, also when you move your hand in light it looks like it's sparkling, I LOVE IT!

The make of the nail varnish as you can see is "Angelica" and I got mine in Primark for only £2.50 which I thought was quite cheap for such a cool glitter colour. You would think with it being so cheap you would need to paint numerous coats but in all my pictures I have only painted one coat and I think it looks so good with no gaps in between the glitter.

If you live in Ireland you can also buy it in "Pennys" not sure how much for though. They also have a website which shows the whole range and you can buy them online:

The only problem I had was taking the nail varnish off, it came off eventually but took a lot of nail polish and time, make sure if you want to take glittery nail varnish off you use a remover which contains "acid tone".


Monday, 19 November 2012

Rosey Lips! Lip Tattoo!

I'd seen snazzy patterned lips on celebrities and in magazines before but I never knew how they did it until earlier this year when I found a temporary lip tattoo website called Violent Lips  ! They sell these stick on patterns for your lips which are basically temporary tattoos that look like lipstick but have patterns, words, glitter etc on them!
A few months ago I was shopping and saw a lip tattoo in a shop (I think it was in SELECT) and I bought it to try sometime, it was only £2.99.
So, it had been sitting in my bedroom for ages and yesterday i decided to give it a go -YOLO!

How I did it:

I used:
  • scissors
  • cotton pads
  • a lip tattoo
  • water
  • and some lips!
What I did:
    • Took the top lip sticker and measured it against my lip
    • Cut it to size from the bottom and side guidelines (don't cut from the top)
    • Took the bottom lip sticker and measured it against my lip
    • Cut it to size from the top and side guidelines (don't cut from the bottom)
    • Peeled off the plastic covering on one of the stickers
    • Pushed it against my lip and applied water generously using a cotton pad
    • After I felt it stick, I pulled the white paper backing away
    • Repeat with other sticker
    • Use water on cotton pad to dab down any loose edges
    And the patterns were on! 

    Although, I found mine were too short on the edges so I filled it in with red lipstick, I think this happened because when I was measuring them I did it backwards -make sure you always have the pattern facing your lip, not the paper -that's where I went wrong!
    It says to avoid greasy food while they are on and drink through a straw, grease seems to remove them but I had no trouble drinking water from a glass with them on
    To take them off I just used Vaseline to rub on them and they came off without much trouble!
    I really liked them -they did feel weird on but it didn't matter cos they looked cool! Although I think I went slightly wrong in applying them with my lips stretched because that meant when I relaxed my lips the roses creased up a bit!
    I really want to try a glitter red glitter or something and I think it would look better because it isn't an actual picture like the roses so it doesn't matter if it is stretched or creased. But I chose roses at the time to go with my top in the photo that has pink roses on it!
    They are really fun and different so try them! <3

    Another Outfit of the day -Duck jumper!

     So today's outfit looks like this...

    I wore this outfit to shopping in Oxford Street London, so I was outside in the cold all day and surprisingly apart from my hands I was quite warm! (And I bought some gloves anyway so it was all good)!

    The jumper is black with purple and orange ducks on, if you described it to me I would think how horrible but it actually looks alright! It's from Miss Selfridge and was £39, and once again the sleeves were long enough for me  which was good (being quite tall)!

    The skirt is a mini leather skater box pleat lookalike skirt from, it's actually really warm even though it's really short, especially if you wear it with tights (like I did).If you are taller than 5ft10 I wouldn't suggest getting it as it is quite short unless you like that sort of thing. It cost me only £12, quite good value!

    My boots are fake black ugg boots that I bought years ago from Marks&Spencer (awkward I know), but they were only £15, and they were sooo comfy andwarm and you can't tell they are from there anyway so I count that as acceptable. Also they do good food in there, so don't diss M&S alright? ahahaa


    Sunday, 18 November 2012

    Cupcake Heaven!

    Here is a post completed unrelated to fashion but YOLO......

     So today I found the most amazing cupcake shop EVER, and I mean ever! The company that makes the cupcakes is called "The Hummingbird Bakery" and you can either order online (12 or more) or you can go into one of their many stores in London, I went into the Soho branch and it was so cute, with pink stalls and all decorated lovely.

    They had a large selection of cakes including plain vanilla, red velvet, chocolate and even cheesecake which cost around £2 each, and they give you a cool little box with a handle to carry it round in too!

    Above are the cheesecake cupcake and the chocolate cupcake with blue vanilla frosting, the cake was soooo fluffy and light and the icing was perfectly sweet, IT WAS HEAVEN!

    Was actually quite sad when I had finished it to be honest....Will be definitely going back!


    Saturday, 17 November 2012

    Outfit of the day -Autumn- Love for the jumpers!

    So today is my dads birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! And being November it is that coldish and slightly rainy weather where you look weird if you wear a massive coat with gloves, hats and scarves etc but it's too cold to have short sleeves and a skirt so I decided on a jumper, jeans, brogues and a black leather jacket as we were only going Shopping and out to lunch at this cafe. 

     My jumper is from Miss Selfridge and was £39, I got size 8 and I'm quite tall (5ft 10) and the sleeves fit me fine, so many shops don't cater for people with long arms it's frustrating.

    My jeans are from a make called "Villa" and are grey and white leopard print style. I'd never actually heard of the make Villa jeans before I bought them, I had been looking for some jeans that were long enough for my legs but still were a bit different and interesting for a few month now, I had kind of given up when someone suggested having a look at the brands section in House Of Fraser so I went in and had a look and found these. They were 34inch length (the tallest they went up to) and they actually reached my ankles which is always good. I got size small and that fit me having a size 26 inch waist, so I'm guessing small is about a size 8 UK. I've washed them a few times now and they haven't shrunk or faded at all so I'm pretty sure they are a qualitatively make.

    Trying to get shoes to go with these jeans isn't easy especially as I only have one pair of black shoes which are suitable to wear in winter on a day to day basis, so I decided to wear some brown brogues from New Look (£15), It wasn't a perfect match but it still went, to be honest brogues go with almost everything so it was fine.

    And last because it was raining I decided to wear my black leather jacket from New Look that I bought a few years ago, not to sure on the price but New Look aren't expensive and they usually sell black leather jackets at this time of the year so if you wanted one I would suggest there. 

    In the end I'm glad I wore the jacket because while I was out it started raining and anyone with thick frizzy hair knows even the smallest bit of rain can make hair look like a complete disaster, so yes the hood saved me there! :)


    Gilly Hicks Underwear!

    I really like Gilly Hicks (known as 'Hollister's cheeky cousin)

    So it's basically another addition to the Abercrombie & Fitch brand but this one sells underwear. They do sell afew t-shirts and hoodies etc but it is mainly underwear and swimwear! Theknickers are great because they're soft, comfortable, a good fit, and look pretty.
    The Australian brand nickname their knickers "Down Undies" and they are usually around £8 or £9 a pairbut the shops often have offers such as "3 for £12" or "5 for£15" which is great! I have about seven pairs, five I bought on an offerfor £15 and two pairs I got free because we went to the store opening inWestfield Stratford in May earlier this year where they were giving them away (we also got loads of pictures withthe lifeguard models)

    On another day in Oxford Street!
    I also have a Gilly Hicks bikiniwhich I ordered online recently. Usually the swimwear is fairly expensive, andalthough it is good quality and probably worth it, I probably wouldn't pay upto £50-£60 for a bikini which was the value of mine, however I bought it inan online sale, which they don't have too often but I ended up getting thebikini for £15 and a postage offer of £5 (when it is usually £20 postage to theUK!) So I got my bikini for £20 total when it would have been £52! Or £72 if Ihad ordered online at normal postage cost! So I would say order swimwear fromthere in the winter- because I think the reason they were having a sale was toclear out their summer stock. Obviously during the winter and a big sale thereisn't a huge amount of options but I was able to get the style of bikini Iwanted (top and bottoms sold separately) although I had to compromise oncolour, it didn't really bother me that I ended up with a white top and orangebottoms -mix and match bikinis look fine!
    The environment in the shop, I think,is really nice but if you don't like Hollister, Abercrombie etc. you wont likeGilly Hicks, it is just like that, mood lighting, floral perfume smell,friendly workers and all that jazz! But anyway, need underwear or swimwear?Forget Victoria's secret and La Senza, TRY GILLY HICKS, oh and their carrierbags are cute!



    Friday, 16 November 2012

    We recommend...

    So A little while ago I was on looking through all the clothes as you do when you're bored and sitting at home wishing you had money to buy anything and everything, when an advert popped up. Adverts usually really annoy me because you are trying to read or watch something when BAM...up comes this annoying thing advertising "Win One Direction tickets" or "20% fashion from 10 years ago" which I really couldn't care less about. Anyway up popped!

    For some strange reason this advert didn't bother me and instead I ended up clicking on it and ending up on their website home page, Probably it is primarily a accessories seller and at the time I was looking for a cheap and jazzy satchel type bag that I could use every day for carrying book and food as students do. 
    Well I actually really liked this site and ended up finding my bag below which is just what I wanted, no one else had it, it was cheap, and it was big enough to fit and carry everything I wanted (A4 paper etc...) 

    It sells all accessories like jewellery, shoes, bags, purses, hats, sunglasses, gloves, scarves etc and has recently opened a small variety of clothing all still quite cheap. Now it probably won't last forever because nothing does that is so cheap (even plus delivery) but I've used my bag every day for the past 2 months and it still looks good as new. I think it's good for things that you don't intend on keeping forever and ever. So I would say go have a look because I really like it.

    It's not only just for the UK too, there's an option for shipping to the USA, New Zealand, and all around Europe.
    I'd say if you want a cheap bag for school or work etc then it's definitely a place to look!


    Thursday, 15 November 2012

    Hollister...Smell nice for a price?

    Some people complain that Hollister is "too dark" and "too expensive" and even that "the music is too loud!" Don't think anyone will ever complain about the smell of Hollister because personally I am addicted to it as you can see :)

    Alright the price isn't the cheapest and the bottles aren't the biggest but I honestly think it smells so nice that it's worth it!
    The prices range from £22 for a 1.7 FL OZ bottle to £38 for a  2 FL OZ bottle for girls perfume, my favourite being "Sadie" which is pictured below. I really like the flower top on this just purely for the fact that it looks nice if you have it sitting on a dressing table in a bedroom.

    I try to save the perfume for weekends because of the price and instead use Hollister's body sprays for every day use. There are 5 different scents you can purchase all at £12 each for 8.4 FL OZ, I love "Crescent Bay Mist" for the pinky colour and the fruity strong scent. Although quite expensive Hollister put on deals quite regularly such as "Buy 2 get the third free" and "2 for £24, 3 for £20" which I thought were great especially the last deal as you actually save money for buying one extra.

    Overall I would so recommend the Hollister scents as they have a real exotic and fruity smell which most people love even though the price is slightly on the high side. We are absolutely  addicted to the stuff! 

    What do you think, is it really worth the price? Would love to know what everyone thinks, you can comment below :)


    Autumn Evening Outfit

    Sooooo i went to the Breaking Dawn part 2 UK premiere in Leicester square....the dress code said smart/casual (smasual!) and I wore this...a green/yellow shorts-suit
    I wore it with black tights and wedges which went well because of the black trim on the shorts suit!
    My Outfit
    My Make Up and Hair
    First i tried the outfit on with a floral top but it looked too much so i searched for ages for my black sheer shirt which i couldnt find so i wore a top that i bought in h&m recently that has two swans on the front on a pink background (around £10) but i wore it back to front so all you could see was the plain black side which has buttons down it -that worked well
    My bag is from yeaaarrrsss ago it used to be my mum's and it Gucci but I've used it so much its really tattered but i still love it sooo :)
    My Jewelery
    For jewellery I had large gold square earrings with yellow pieces in the middle (H&M) and a ring with pastel coloured flowers on it (from forever 21)
    I forgot to paint my nails which was sad cos i had a nail varnish from Collection 2000's make up range that pretty much exactly matches my shorts and jacket
    For make up i had a bronze and a brown eye-shadow on with black liquid eyeliner and lots of mascara and a dark wine coloured lipstick and I had my hair straight and with a middle parting
    I really liked the outfit and it was SMASUAL!

    The top I wore back-to-front

    Tuesday, 13 November 2012

    Spare £20? Go Forever 21!

     The love for Forever 21 continues....
    I got each of these for under £20 each which is like the main reason I LOVE FOREVER 21!!!

    Got to love a bit of extra pattern!
    Simple black dress? Yess please

    Who doesn't love pink lace?

    Got to admit it's a great feeling when you buy a piece of clothing and you can cover it with a £20 note and still get change... especially when you see like a similar thing in Topshop for like £45 and with the money you saved you can go buy something else woooo!

    And like last month I was in Forever 21 in Westfield Stratford which has like 3 floors full of clothes (IT'S AMAZING!) and obviously I found something (like always...): a bluey green, long sleeve lace dress. To be honest I loved it so much that I didn't really look at the price and just guessed it was somewhere around £30, so I got to the counter with £30 in my hand really hoping that it would cover it. The lady scanned it and BAM..... it came up as £12.99! Such a good feeling when you find something you really like that's really cheap and doesn't look like it's about to fall apart. That was a good day! 

    So if you haven't been in a Forever 21 yet your life is lacking and you need need need to go A.S.A.P!


    Monday, 12 November 2012


    Sparkly glitterified phones are SO FETCH!
    A couple of months ago we were sitting in Costa and we had a glittery nail varnish, Louise put a bit on the back of her phone (a black iphone 3g) and it looked quite good but she rubbed it off because she didnt want it on there at the time
    I decided to paint some on my phone and i thought it would look ridiculously bad but YOLO it would probably come off with nail varnish remover
    I did a small spot and it looked really snazzy on my phone (white iPhone 4s)
    So i painted the back of my phone all evenly with the glitter spread out
    I wondered whether or not to paint the front but i went for it and it looked good!
    It was hard going down the sides of the screen and around the home button and speaker etc but it worked and looked good
    I really love it and loads of people have asked me about it!
    It is painted straight onto the phone but if you are unsure -maybe go for painting a clear phone case and using the case
    The nail varnish we used was Barry M and heres the link
    And its colour 'np352'
    The nail varnish is like a clear one with large sparkles floating in it, choose one like that not one where you have small glitter particles in like a block colour -i dont think they would look as good! But i dont know for sure!
    I haven't tried using nail varnish remover on it but i think if you didn't use too much that it would take it off if you don't like the glitter. Also if it starts to peel off -try painting a clear varnish over the top
    I did get weird looks for painting mine in a coffee maybe dont try that! But as long as ya let it dry properly and do it carefully it should look so hipster and i think its nicer than a case because you have actually customised your phone :)
    Sooooo basically...get some nail varnish and jazz up your phone!

    Another idea which I haven't actually tried is...buying a clear case and putting your own picture in it and using it on your phone! So you could try fabric or a photo or something! :)


    Forever 21 outfit!

    By looking at pictures of outfits I have worn I've kind of figured out I tend to wear clothes from the same shop in an outfit, coincidence or not this outfit is all from my fave shop EVER.......
    FOREVER 21

    Right so I wore this to a gathering type thing in September, it was still warmish and it was indoors so I didn't freeze or anything which is always good.
    Right the shoes are pale pink lace pumps (around £15 I think), they are really pretty shoes but they kind of cut my feet the first few times I wore them but then they were quite cheap so I can't really complain. however after wearing them a few times they are now fine and I can wear them like anywhere. Thinking about it these are from New Look actually, kind of ruins the title but oh well :)
    The T-Shirt you cant particularly see but it is pale pink top with white lace shoulders, (£12.99) the material is quite thin and baggy but tucked into a skirt I think goes well. It also matched the shoes which I always love because sometimes you create a really good outfit but then you can't find any shoes which go, so you change outfits and it's kind of depressing, so plan shoes when planning an outfit.
    The skirt is a pale brown short skirt with pleats at the front, it was £19.99 and goes with quite a lot of tops, the fact that it's plain means you can kind of wear it with anything even the most patterned shirt ever. The only thing about this skirt is I think it needs a belt on the waist to look good (especially as I bought mine way too big), I'm not sure where my belt is from but it is good for the skirt as it stretchy!

    I also wore this same outfit out 2 days ago shopping with a Long sleeve pink lace top (once again Forever 21 £19.99) and a pink ruffle belt from Erin's wardrobe (I kind of wanted to steal the belt tbh it was so nice...)

    Moral of the post: Everyone needs to go check out Forever 21 because it's so cheap...GO!


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