Saturday, 17 November 2012

Gilly Hicks Underwear!

I really like Gilly Hicks (known as 'Hollister's cheeky cousin)

So it's basically another addition to the Abercrombie & Fitch brand but this one sells underwear. They do sell afew t-shirts and hoodies etc but it is mainly underwear and swimwear! Theknickers are great because they're soft, comfortable, a good fit, and look pretty.
The Australian brand nickname their knickers "Down Undies" and they are usually around £8 or £9 a pairbut the shops often have offers such as "3 for £12" or "5 for£15" which is great! I have about seven pairs, five I bought on an offerfor £15 and two pairs I got free because we went to the store opening inWestfield Stratford in May earlier this year where they were giving them away (we also got loads of pictures withthe lifeguard models)

On another day in Oxford Street!
I also have a Gilly Hicks bikiniwhich I ordered online recently. Usually the swimwear is fairly expensive, andalthough it is good quality and probably worth it, I probably wouldn't pay upto £50-£60 for a bikini which was the value of mine, however I bought it inan online sale, which they don't have too often but I ended up getting thebikini for £15 and a postage offer of £5 (when it is usually £20 postage to theUK!) So I got my bikini for £20 total when it would have been £52! Or £72 if Ihad ordered online at normal postage cost! So I would say order swimwear fromthere in the winter- because I think the reason they were having a sale was toclear out their summer stock. Obviously during the winter and a big sale thereisn't a huge amount of options but I was able to get the style of bikini Iwanted (top and bottoms sold separately) although I had to compromise oncolour, it didn't really bother me that I ended up with a white top and orangebottoms -mix and match bikinis look fine!
The environment in the shop, I think,is really nice but if you don't like Hollister, Abercrombie etc. you wont likeGilly Hicks, it is just like that, mood lighting, floral perfume smell,friendly workers and all that jazz! But anyway, need underwear or swimwear?Forget Victoria's secret and La Senza, TRY GILLY HICKS, oh and their carrierbags are cute!



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