Saturday, 17 November 2012

Outfit of the day -Autumn- Love for the jumpers!

So today is my dads birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! And being November it is that coldish and slightly rainy weather where you look weird if you wear a massive coat with gloves, hats and scarves etc but it's too cold to have short sleeves and a skirt so I decided on a jumper, jeans, brogues and a black leather jacket as we were only going Shopping and out to lunch at this cafe. 

 My jumper is from Miss Selfridge and was £39, I got size 8 and I'm quite tall (5ft 10) and the sleeves fit me fine, so many shops don't cater for people with long arms it's frustrating.

My jeans are from a make called "Villa" and are grey and white leopard print style. I'd never actually heard of the make Villa jeans before I bought them, I had been looking for some jeans that were long enough for my legs but still were a bit different and interesting for a few month now, I had kind of given up when someone suggested having a look at the brands section in House Of Fraser so I went in and had a look and found these. They were 34inch length (the tallest they went up to) and they actually reached my ankles which is always good. I got size small and that fit me having a size 26 inch waist, so I'm guessing small is about a size 8 UK. I've washed them a few times now and they haven't shrunk or faded at all so I'm pretty sure they are a qualitatively make.

Trying to get shoes to go with these jeans isn't easy especially as I only have one pair of black shoes which are suitable to wear in winter on a day to day basis, so I decided to wear some brown brogues from New Look (£15), It wasn't a perfect match but it still went, to be honest brogues go with almost everything so it was fine.

And last because it was raining I decided to wear my black leather jacket from New Look that I bought a few years ago, not to sure on the price but New Look aren't expensive and they usually sell black leather jackets at this time of the year so if you wanted one I would suggest there. 

In the end I'm glad I wore the jacket because while I was out it started raining and anyone with thick frizzy hair knows even the smallest bit of rain can make hair look like a complete disaster, so yes the hood saved me there! :)


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  1. Nice outfit! I love jumpers, they can look really nice when teamed up right and are really warm and comfortable too!

    One of my favourite outfits is a loose knit cream jumper teamed up with some wine red skinny jeans (with a vest underneath as loose knit means bra exposure!!)

    Nice blog, I'll be back I reckon! :-)

    Robyn x


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