Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cupcake Heaven!

Here is a post completed unrelated to fashion but YOLO......

 So today I found the most amazing cupcake shop EVER, and I mean ever! The company that makes the cupcakes is called "The Hummingbird Bakery" and you can either order online (12 or more) or you can go into one of their many stores in London, I went into the Soho branch and it was so cute, with pink stalls and all decorated lovely.

They had a large selection of cakes including plain vanilla, red velvet, chocolate and even cheesecake which cost around £2 each, and they give you a cool little box with a handle to carry it round in too!

Above are the cheesecake cupcake and the chocolate cupcake with blue vanilla frosting, the cake was soooo fluffy and light and the icing was perfectly sweet, IT WAS HEAVEN!

Was actually quite sad when I had finished it to be honest....Will be definitely going back!


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