Monday, 19 November 2012

Another Outfit of the day -Duck jumper!

 So today's outfit looks like this...

I wore this outfit to shopping in Oxford Street London, so I was outside in the cold all day and surprisingly apart from my hands I was quite warm! (And I bought some gloves anyway so it was all good)!

The jumper is black with purple and orange ducks on, if you described it to me I would think how horrible but it actually looks alright! It's from Miss Selfridge and was £39, and once again the sleeves were long enough for me  which was good (being quite tall)!

The skirt is a mini leather skater box pleat lookalike skirt from, it's actually really warm even though it's really short, especially if you wear it with tights (like I did).If you are taller than 5ft10 I wouldn't suggest getting it as it is quite short unless you like that sort of thing. It cost me only £12, quite good value!

My boots are fake black ugg boots that I bought years ago from Marks&Spencer (awkward I know), but they were only £15, and they were sooo comfy andwarm and you can't tell they are from there anyway so I count that as acceptable. Also they do good food in there, so don't diss M&S alright? ahahaa



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