Saturday, 29 December 2012

L'Oreal Paris Wild Ombre Preference Kit REVIEW

I'd been thinking about an ombre dip dye for a little while as I had always liked them and I heard about this product by L'Oreal called the Wild Ombre kit and decided to try it out.
The kit comes in three different shades and the intensity depends on the natural colour of your hair (No1 for light to dark brown, No2 for dark blonde to light brown, and No3 for blonde to dark blonde) it is important to choose the right one for your shade of hair so your dip dye looks fairly natural and well faded. I went for No1 as this is my current hair colour.....a natural dark brown that I dyed red a bit over a year ago and is now a medium-ish browny red.

At first I thought I would have to dye my hair a medium shade of brown before using the dip dye because I was worried it wouldn't work on red hair, or it would look weird or....i might go ginger (dun dun dun!)
But in the end I thought YOLO I would just got for it and recently the tips of my hair have kind of faded into a more brown colour and the red tends to be more prominent further towards my roots so the ombre colour should turn out okay.
So other than that my main worry was that my hair would be irreversibly damaged by this colour because it does contain some lightening agents like Hydrogen Peroxide as well as Ammonia and I was mainly worried that it would damage it so much that it would no longer be naturally curly, but I researched this and as this is only the second time I have permanently dyed my hair the damage shouldn't be too bad.

The dye kit comes with a rectangular brush to apply the colour and it is easy to use. The kit advises starting the colour between the ear and chin but as my hair is quite long, I opted for further down and mine starts just under my shoulder -I really think where you begin brushing it in should be determined on an individual basis by how long your hair actually is.
After brushing in the dye, I added more the tips using my hands to enhance the ombre effect and faded look.

This is the final result and it turned out quite well! It is a noticeable change yet still a natural look that is easy to achieve!
its still good for making moustaches!
As you can see the tips are noticeably lighter than my roots so overall I am pleased with the result from this snazzy dye kit and would definitely recommend it if you are looking into a home dip dye!


  1. love the ombre effect!! very pretty!! xx

  2. I have this and I'm wondering if it's going to work on my hair at all as it's quite dark. It looks great on you!

  3. Ah thank you! :') and it probably will work on your hair , mine was fairly dark , and you would probably get a darker effect from the ombre dye but it should work! :)


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