Saturday, 29 December 2012

Topshop Playsuit

So we went after christmas sales shopping and totally abused them by buying stuff not on sale, but the sales weren't that good anyway -the pre christmas sales were actually better! Im hoping the sales get better when January starts but who knows...
Anyway I bought this shamazing playsuit from Topshop, it was £26 and actually from the swimwear section so it is probably meant for beachwear over bikinis and stuff. I worried that because of this it might be kinda see-through but it's not! Its definitely wearable anywhere in the summer! I definitely prefer dressing in summer because the clothes can be a lot nicer than winter and you don't need to carry coats, umbrellas, boots etc and what could be easier and nicer than a great playsuit!
I really like the pattern which is on trend at the moment and the colours work well together. I also think the style and cut would flatter a lot of body shapes as it has an elasticated waist and the bottom half has a nice shape to it.
The only thing was because it is from a swimwear section, it didnt come in actual dress sizes, it was Small, medium and large, which can be annoying as you dont know which one to get and it never fits as well as if you had your own specific size.
I will definitley be wearing it A LOT in summer and overall I would say GET YOURSELVES TO TOPSHOP!

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