Monday, 19 November 2012

Rosey Lips! Lip Tattoo!

I'd seen snazzy patterned lips on celebrities and in magazines before but I never knew how they did it until earlier this year when I found a temporary lip tattoo website called Violent Lips  ! They sell these stick on patterns for your lips which are basically temporary tattoos that look like lipstick but have patterns, words, glitter etc on them!
A few months ago I was shopping and saw a lip tattoo in a shop (I think it was in SELECT) and I bought it to try sometime, it was only £2.99.
So, it had been sitting in my bedroom for ages and yesterday i decided to give it a go -YOLO!

How I did it:

I used:
  • scissors
  • cotton pads
  • a lip tattoo
  • water
  • and some lips!
What I did:
    • Took the top lip sticker and measured it against my lip
    • Cut it to size from the bottom and side guidelines (don't cut from the top)
    • Took the bottom lip sticker and measured it against my lip
    • Cut it to size from the top and side guidelines (don't cut from the bottom)
    • Peeled off the plastic covering on one of the stickers
    • Pushed it against my lip and applied water generously using a cotton pad
    • After I felt it stick, I pulled the white paper backing away
    • Repeat with other sticker
    • Use water on cotton pad to dab down any loose edges
    And the patterns were on! 

    Although, I found mine were too short on the edges so I filled it in with red lipstick, I think this happened because when I was measuring them I did it backwards -make sure you always have the pattern facing your lip, not the paper -that's where I went wrong!
    It says to avoid greasy food while they are on and drink through a straw, grease seems to remove them but I had no trouble drinking water from a glass with them on
    To take them off I just used Vaseline to rub on them and they came off without much trouble!
    I really liked them -they did feel weird on but it didn't matter cos they looked cool! Although I think I went slightly wrong in applying them with my lips stretched because that meant when I relaxed my lips the roses creased up a bit!
    I really want to try a glitter red glitter or something and I think it would look better because it isn't an actual picture like the roses so it doesn't matter if it is stretched or creased. But I chose roses at the time to go with my top in the photo that has pink roses on it!
    They are really fun and different so try them! <3


    1. Wooow I always see tattoos in stores but have never tried them. I should do so now!

      Sophisticated Lace


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