Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Addiction- Sparkly Nail Varnish

A couple of weekends ago I got this amazing sparkly nail varnish which has now become my new FAVOURITE!

I've never seen one quite like it as it has all different colour glitter segments instead of just shades of pink or blue, also when you move your hand in light it looks like it's sparkling, I LOVE IT!

The make of the nail varnish as you can see is "Angelica" and I got mine in Primark for only £2.50 which I thought was quite cheap for such a cool glitter colour. You would think with it being so cheap you would need to paint numerous coats but in all my pictures I have only painted one coat and I think it looks so good with no gaps in between the glitter.

If you live in Ireland you can also buy it in "Pennys" not sure how much for though. They also have a website which shows the whole range and you can buy them online:

The only problem I had was taking the nail varnish off, it came off eventually but took a lot of nail polish and time, make sure if you want to take glittery nail varnish off you use a remover which contains "acid tone".



  1. So pretty! I really want to go find this now!


  2. What a lovely colour. :)



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