Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Outfit of The Day - Beckyyy

We actually have someone else for the "Outfit of the Day" post today...BECKY DENNIS!!

Her outfit was amazing and I really wanted to steal it to be honest especially the shorts!

My favourite piece were her grey and white, high waisted, vintage chequered shorts which she got from Forever 21 for only £12, I was actually really surprised how nice they were for only £12, might have to go get some :)

Becky's blazer was a black, tailored blazer from Pull & Bear with a gold button at the front and 3/4 length sleeves with turned up ends in light bluey white colour. Being quite tall (5ft 11), having 3/4 length sleeves avoids the problem of having too short sleeves, (good tip there for all the tall people!)
Price: £26

The blouse was a cream colour with a ruffle down the front in the same type material, the blouse is from Hollister and is £38, quite expensive compared to the price of the shorts however Hollister's clothing is always such a good fit and quality you get what you pay for, also it smells really nice when you first buy it (like everything from Hollister), always a bonus!

Becky paired her outfit with black patent flat shoes from Dorothy Perkins for £16 creating a classic and fashionable tailored look!

Still very much jealous of this outfit!


*P.S Becky's first time being on a blog (she was very happy ahahaaa) everyone say hi to her on twitter @Becks97_ and go follow her, she's cool!"


  1. hey, very nice blog, i really like this outfit but especially the shorts!
    have a great day!

  2. Thank you :)Yess the shorts are amazing especially for the price! xxx


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