Friday, 16 November 2012

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So A little while ago I was on looking through all the clothes as you do when you're bored and sitting at home wishing you had money to buy anything and everything, when an advert popped up. Adverts usually really annoy me because you are trying to read or watch something when BAM...up comes this annoying thing advertising "Win One Direction tickets" or "20% fashion from 10 years ago" which I really couldn't care less about. Anyway up popped!

For some strange reason this advert didn't bother me and instead I ended up clicking on it and ending up on their website home page, Probably it is primarily a accessories seller and at the time I was looking for a cheap and jazzy satchel type bag that I could use every day for carrying book and food as students do. 
Well I actually really liked this site and ended up finding my bag below which is just what I wanted, no one else had it, it was cheap, and it was big enough to fit and carry everything I wanted (A4 paper etc...) 

It sells all accessories like jewellery, shoes, bags, purses, hats, sunglasses, gloves, scarves etc and has recently opened a small variety of clothing all still quite cheap. Now it probably won't last forever because nothing does that is so cheap (even plus delivery) but I've used my bag every day for the past 2 months and it still looks good as new. I think it's good for things that you don't intend on keeping forever and ever. So I would say go have a look because I really like it.

It's not only just for the UK too, there's an option for shipping to the USA, New Zealand, and all around Europe.
I'd say if you want a cheap bag for school or work etc then it's definitely a place to look!


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