Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hollister...Smell nice for a price?

Some people complain that Hollister is "too dark" and "too expensive" and even that "the music is too loud!" Don't think anyone will ever complain about the smell of Hollister because personally I am addicted to it as you can see :)

Alright the price isn't the cheapest and the bottles aren't the biggest but I honestly think it smells so nice that it's worth it!
The prices range from £22 for a 1.7 FL OZ bottle to £38 for a  2 FL OZ bottle for girls perfume, my favourite being "Sadie" which is pictured below. I really like the flower top on this just purely for the fact that it looks nice if you have it sitting on a dressing table in a bedroom.

I try to save the perfume for weekends because of the price and instead use Hollister's body sprays for every day use. There are 5 different scents you can purchase all at £12 each for 8.4 FL OZ, I love "Crescent Bay Mist" for the pinky colour and the fruity strong scent. Although quite expensive Hollister put on deals quite regularly such as "Buy 2 get the third free" and "2 for £24, 3 for £20" which I thought were great especially the last deal as you actually save money for buying one extra.

Overall I would so recommend the Hollister scents as they have a real exotic and fruity smell which most people love even though the price is slightly on the high side. We are absolutely  addicted to the stuff! 

What do you think, is it really worth the price? Would love to know what everyone thinks, you can comment below :)


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