Thursday, 15 November 2012

Autumn Evening Outfit

Sooooo i went to the Breaking Dawn part 2 UK premiere in Leicester square....the dress code said smart/casual (smasual!) and I wore this...a green/yellow shorts-suit
I wore it with black tights and wedges which went well because of the black trim on the shorts suit!
My Outfit
My Make Up and Hair
First i tried the outfit on with a floral top but it looked too much so i searched for ages for my black sheer shirt which i couldnt find so i wore a top that i bought in h&m recently that has two swans on the front on a pink background (around £10) but i wore it back to front so all you could see was the plain black side which has buttons down it -that worked well
My bag is from yeaaarrrsss ago it used to be my mum's and it Gucci but I've used it so much its really tattered but i still love it sooo :)
My Jewelery
For jewellery I had large gold square earrings with yellow pieces in the middle (H&M) and a ring with pastel coloured flowers on it (from forever 21)
I forgot to paint my nails which was sad cos i had a nail varnish from Collection 2000's make up range that pretty much exactly matches my shorts and jacket
For make up i had a bronze and a brown eye-shadow on with black liquid eyeliner and lots of mascara and a dark wine coloured lipstick and I had my hair straight and with a middle parting
I really liked the outfit and it was SMASUAL!

The top I wore back-to-front

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