Saturday, 24 November 2012

Clarins skin illusion foundation review

So this is our first ever make up review post woooo! Today I went out to John Lewis with my mum to get my Christmas present, and I ended up getting make up from the company "Clarins". It is meant to be a really good make up brand and all the reviews I read said it was light and of a good quality, so my mum bought me a liquid foundation and an eyeshadow pallet. I would blog about those however I will have to wait till Christmas, so in the mean time I decided to review the foundation my mum bought.

It's a foundation called "skin illusion" in powder form, and comes in a variety of shades and sizes, we purchased the 13 grams pot for £25.

 Although it seems a lot compared to the cheaper range of foundations that you would buy in Boots or Superdrug, the quality is amazing, It covers up blemishes and levels out skin tone leaving a polished effect instead of a matt effect, which my mum preferred. What me and my mum liked most about Clarins foundation in general and was the way it looked and felt natural like you aren't even wearing any.  
  It also comes with a brush included for the £25 price, the brush is really good and suitably fits the foundation as it collects all the powder meaning none is wasted.

Me and my mum would so recommend this foundation and the whole Clarins range of foundations in general if you are willing to spend a little extra just because of the fact that it feels so light and nice. Also being made out of mineral and plant extracts it is completely natural so shouldn't irritate your skin.

If you are not sure on your skin tone, type and would have trouble choosing the correct foundation online I would definitely consider going into a department shop such as John Lewis or House of Fraser and get the people in there to help you decide and let you test it out!


They also do a variety of other products, so go have a look!


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