Sunday, 25 November 2012

Models Own- Northern Lights

 Another post about sparkly nail varnishes..... this time it's: MODELS OWN - NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!!

I bought this colour in Boots for £5 and I really really like it, the colour is in-between pink and lilac glitter and isn't too lary yet is still noticeable  enough.  I think this colour is perfect for school/work/every day  use, the glitter gives the polish a fancier look that just a pale pink doesn't have! I LOVE IT!

Also if anyone has trouble taking off glittery nail varnish try this product by "Cutex" which is ultra cleansing, I got it for £2.99 and it gets off most tough nail varnishes and also smells surprisingly good :)



  1. Nice nails!

  2. Love nails! Follow me if you want on GFC and Bloglovin !

  3. Glitter nail polish is a must fit this time of the year, I love models own's range of them! Xo


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