Monday, 26 November 2012

Trends that ain't so Trendy...

Just some of my fashion hates which I see quite a lot lately. Not saying that if you wear them you are a horrible person or anything, just that I don't "dig" your look...

1) Patterned uggs- I've seen blue sparkly uggs, cheetah print uggs, zebra print uggs and even One Direction uggs and to be honest I don't get it. Uggs are really expensive and while yes the plain ones can look nice with a relaxed outfit, why anyone would spend £80+ on patterned uggs really confuses me. They barely go with anything and just don't look great.

2) Army/Camo jackets- I'm not a massive fan of camo jackets in general however some people with the right "indie" look can pull it off, however recently EVERYONE seems to be wearing them even when it isn't particularly their own style. It just looks stupid in my opinion when you see them group of 10+ 13 year old girls out shopping all with their matching camo jackets and converse, it just looks tacky. If it suits you wear it but if it's not your style and all your friends have one don't buy it just for the sake of fitting in, you can call it "indie/hipster" all you want but now everyone's wearing it, it certainly ins't!

3) I Phone touch friendly gloves- Okay good idea, I'll give who ever thought of them that, but why why why couldn't this person also make them fashionable, sorry but who wants a dull coloured boring shaped and material pair of gloves with different colour finger ends in an equally dull colour, not me! And they are so expensive too at around £15, I think I'd rather just not type while outside and buy some cheaper and way better gloves.

4) Snapbacks- I just don't get what's so amazing about them, unless you are naturally a "swaggy street" type person (they do exsist) then you just look stupid trying to look "gangster" when you are just not. It's kind of chavy if it's not your natural look. And when you see a group of 12 year olds all wearing really nice outfits then all different snapbacks I just cringe....sorry I really just don't get it!

We found a "snapback" in a shop and took this "lovely" photo, I'm obviously extremely jealous of Erin's "swag"...



  1. Haha I totally agree with all of these. They're actually disgusting.

  2. Haha, I never knew about one direction uggs?! That's crazy, caps are pretty bad - very fresh prince of bel air ;)


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