Monday, 12 November 2012

Forever 21 outfit!

By looking at pictures of outfits I have worn I've kind of figured out I tend to wear clothes from the same shop in an outfit, coincidence or not this outfit is all from my fave shop EVER.......

Right so I wore this to a gathering type thing in September, it was still warmish and it was indoors so I didn't freeze or anything which is always good.
Right the shoes are pale pink lace pumps (around £15 I think), they are really pretty shoes but they kind of cut my feet the first few times I wore them but then they were quite cheap so I can't really complain. however after wearing them a few times they are now fine and I can wear them like anywhere. Thinking about it these are from New Look actually, kind of ruins the title but oh well :)
The T-Shirt you cant particularly see but it is pale pink top with white lace shoulders, (£12.99) the material is quite thin and baggy but tucked into a skirt I think goes well. It also matched the shoes which I always love because sometimes you create a really good outfit but then you can't find any shoes which go, so you change outfits and it's kind of depressing, so plan shoes when planning an outfit.
The skirt is a pale brown short skirt with pleats at the front, it was £19.99 and goes with quite a lot of tops, the fact that it's plain means you can kind of wear it with anything even the most patterned shirt ever. The only thing about this skirt is I think it needs a belt on the waist to look good (especially as I bought mine way too big), I'm not sure where my belt is from but it is good for the skirt as it stretchy!

I also wore this same outfit out 2 days ago shopping with a Long sleeve pink lace top (once again Forever 21 £19.99) and a pink ruffle belt from Erin's wardrobe (I kind of wanted to steal the belt tbh it was so nice...)

Moral of the post: Everyone needs to go check out Forever 21 because it's so cheap...GO!


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