Sunday, 11 November 2012

Starbucks' Hot Chocolate!

We are now official Starbucksers!!
Yesterday was our first ever Starbucks visit as people had always put us off -a lot of people hate Starbucks!
Christmasy Cups
When it comes to coffee shops theres so many good ones: Pret A Manger, Cafe Nero, Costa....
But we stopped in Westfield, Stratford yesterday and got two small take away hot chocolates (£2.40 each) with cream
Apart from when we got reaallly confused why they asked us our names! But they write it on the cup for your order ;)
Earlier this week we had a hot chocolate from Costa and the Starbucks was SOOO GOOD in comparison! STARBUCKS ALL THE WAY (just for hot chocolate!)
We also had one today! It is seriously so much nicer than any other coffee shop's hot chocolate -i think they put chocolate sauce in it or something!
And to be honest, i am quite impressed with the jazzy Christmas themed take away cups Costa and Starbucks are doing at the moment they're cute :)
And ya feel totes profesh carrying the cup around cos it looks like coffee... (Cringe i know, but true!)

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