Sunday, 11 November 2012

My outfit today! A/W style

Yo! So this is what i wore today to London!
The skirt is from Primark it was £10
The shirt i ordered online about a year ago, cant remember what the shop was called,
The boots are from Barratts i think about £20 but I've had them about 2 years, but they're just worker boots and sold everywhere,
The leather jacket is from Littlewoods and again I've had it ageeeesss,
My Nails! -I painted to match my skirt
I also had skin coloured tights on and long black socks (new look -i think)
And i had a ring that had a white bow and a black flower on it and a black moustache shaped ring (i have a lot of moustachy jewellery!) and a sparkly dog shaped broach clipped into the collar of my shirt, i have also worn a bow shaped sparkly broach in the collar before today.
My nails were painted by me in similar pattern to my skirt by painting them white and using a black nail art pen.
Moustache Knuckle Duster (Two Finger) Ring
Oh i also had a belt on from H&M and a black bag from new look which was £25
And my earrings matched the broach's jewels -like diamondy!
I much prefer dressing myself in summer than winter but i went for all black and white and i was actually quite warm while walking around today! Because my skirt was short and i had long socks on, i buttoned my shirt up all the way.
The only thing was i got loads of holes my tights :(
The best skin coloured tights are Tesco's or Superdrug's! They look natural and don't ladder easily!

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