Sunday, 11 November 2012

Are Micro Pigs Good Pets?

Micro Pigs....are so cool, and they are great pets because they're intelligent, playful, very cute and affectionate but looking after them isn't easy.
I've had mine since christmas 2011, he is called Joey! (Named after Joey Essex, but we don't need to talk about that....)
There are loads of rumors about micro pigs growing into huge massive crazy pig-zillas...but it isn't usually like that! As long as you don't expect the pig to be like teacup sized forever...they usually grow to about a foot tall. Mine isn't a teacup pig which are the extremely small (and extremely  expensive) ones.
Joey grew quite big after about three months of me having him because we fed him pot-bellied pig food instead of specific micro-pig food -by accident (porkward! :\)! That food made him put a lot of weight on (because its for farm pigs that will be pork) and because of all the extra calories he got quite tall!
Joey lived with me for a few months but has spent some of this year living on the micro pig farm we got him from with all of his piggy family because he started to develop separation anxiety because of the lack of contact with other pigs :( this can be common in pigs so if you were getting one, having two would be ideal! But he is happy now and we visit him regularly, he just turned one in October! So he should be at his full height now and he isn't huge! He is taller than his brothers which are probably about 10-ish inches tall and I would guess Joey is a bit over a foot tall :) We visit him and his family all the time on his farm and he remembers me, always recognises me and still knows his name.
As you'd expect with a pig, he can eat his own weight in fruit, veg, potatoes, bread...ANYTHING he finds -probably even sausages if he got hold of them! So you have to be careful how much they eat, but Joey loves munching bananas and strawberries. They are messy and will probably ruin your garden so you've got to be prepared for cleaning after them!
Micro pigs are good pets, but you have to be ready for some mess especially in the garden but Joey basically lived in the house like a dog! Of course, they're very cute, need I even say! Oh and in case ya wondered he has been on a diet and s'all good in the weight department now!
Me and Joey at his farm

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