Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hair Chalk!

Okay so we used to be SO not into dip dyes or coloured hair but we started to see how cool and indie they are and wanted a non-permanent one-wash type way of doing it where it still looked snazzy!
Some of the chalks
So we looked into it and found these "Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs" which are basically like chalk in round cases and you use it with water to rub into your hair and temporarily colour it. This is the link to the website ""
Louise and her pink dip dye
But because we couldn’t agree on colours and wanted more variety of colours, these would end up too expensive and at the moment Kevin Murphy only sells pink, purple and orange colour bugs. So we searched generally for hair chalk on the internet and found a box of 12 small rectangular ones for £10. Ours were from eBay which have a big selection.
Erin with a blue dip dye (and a snazzy hat)
You use them by spraying water onto your hair from a bottle and rubbing the chalk into your hair. We have tried it with a few coloured streaks on their own which looked good as well as full dip dyes with one colour.
They were fairly quick to do and they looked really snazzy but we did find them kind of awkward to apply and quite messy on your hands but it does wash straight off with water so it was fine.
So one morning we both used the chalk to "dip dye" our hair (Louise's pink and mine blue.) I found that some of the colour came off on my clothes, it did wash out but my clothes were dark; and I think white would probably stain! Although before we went out Louise sprayed her hair with "Label M Protein Spray" ( over the chalk. The spray is meant to even out porosity and protect hair/hair colour but it seemed to stop the chalk going onto her clothes.
I really liked the dip dye, once it was done it looked jazzy. It did come out within one shampoo, although Louise's hair which is blonde held the colour for a few washes.
Overall, I would say go for it! YOLO :)

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