Sunday, 11 November 2012

Autumn outfit of today!

Taken in Liverpool Street station!
We have decided to blog about any outfits we think go well when we put them together so here is our first one out in Liverpool Street Station London. I guess it would be cool if we took pictures of other peoples outfits we like in the street but it would be kind of awkward to go and ask random people so we'll probably stick to ours at the moment hahaha. 

So my outfit is all from New Look today which is quite surprising because I don't own that many clothes from New Look. New Look is good  because it is quite cheap and not that bad quality, the brogues come in brown or black and wide fit and normal fit, I bought them recently and they cost me £15.
The leggings are simple black ordinary ones, I got them in extra long as I am 5ft10 and they fit perfectly, New Look is the only place where I can find leggings long enough to fit me without being over priced, they were about £12 I think!
The dress I bought about 4 years ago from the Generation section (teen section) and recently found, it is too short to wear just as a dress for me but with leggings is great, can't remember the price but I like the colours especially with the black of the leggings and blazer.
The blazer is a black waterfall blazer with 3/4 length arms, I bought this about 6 months ago and it cost me around £25, the sleeves are ruffled slightly at the end, I wore the blazer for some work experience and it looked professional enough for what I wanted, however it isn't very warm and I was kind of cold outside today. 
Yep so I guess that's the first outfit blog over....awhhh :/


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