Monday, 12 November 2012


Sparkly glitterified phones are SO FETCH!
A couple of months ago we were sitting in Costa and we had a glittery nail varnish, Louise put a bit on the back of her phone (a black iphone 3g) and it looked quite good but she rubbed it off because she didnt want it on there at the time
I decided to paint some on my phone and i thought it would look ridiculously bad but YOLO it would probably come off with nail varnish remover
I did a small spot and it looked really snazzy on my phone (white iPhone 4s)
So i painted the back of my phone all evenly with the glitter spread out
I wondered whether or not to paint the front but i went for it and it looked good!
It was hard going down the sides of the screen and around the home button and speaker etc but it worked and looked good
I really love it and loads of people have asked me about it!
It is painted straight onto the phone but if you are unsure -maybe go for painting a clear phone case and using the case
The nail varnish we used was Barry M and heres the link
And its colour 'np352'
The nail varnish is like a clear one with large sparkles floating in it, choose one like that not one where you have small glitter particles in like a block colour -i dont think they would look as good! But i dont know for sure!
I haven't tried using nail varnish remover on it but i think if you didn't use too much that it would take it off if you don't like the glitter. Also if it starts to peel off -try painting a clear varnish over the top
I did get weird looks for painting mine in a coffee maybe dont try that! But as long as ya let it dry properly and do it carefully it should look so hipster and i think its nicer than a case because you have actually customised your phone :)
Sooooo basically...get some nail varnish and jazz up your phone!

Another idea which I haven't actually tried is...buying a clear case and putting your own picture in it and using it on your phone! So you could try fabric or a photo or something! :)


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