Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas at Primark!

I have officially entered Christmas mode now it is December, so on the 1st of December we went to Westfield in London and I ended up buying some rather pointless Christmasy products from Primark just to be more festive!

First thing I HAD to buy was a reindeer onesie, I LOVE onesies and anything christmasy so combine the two and BAM I need it.

I bought the mega warm reindeer onesie for £12, I'd call that a bargain to be honest. 
It comes in sizes 6-22 but they sell out quick, it went from a full rack in the morning to there being none left by the end of the day.

Plus it has a  red nose, eyes, paws, antlers and even a tail, AMAZING!

Also I couldn't resist buying these rather festive set of 3 reindeer socks for £3, these were my favourite pair, more reindeers wooo!

I managed to show the cashier in B&Q my socks because somehow we ended up on the conversation when buying paint, and she loved them too hahaha :)


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