Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Barry M Nail Varnish!

Barry M makes THE best nail varnish EVER. Fact.
(The code numbers for the polishes are in brackets)

Plain Colours: For starters they just make the nicest coloured nail varnish and soooo many different colours too! I have about six plain colours at the moment (272 shocking pink, 317 blue moon, 307 lemon, 301 block orange, 292 navy, 47 black) but I really want another pink and purple one too (279 bright pink and 303 bright purple) the purple especially is really unusual.
Barry M is so good because there will always be the exact colour to match any outfit which is AMAZEBALLS because I'm obsessed with having my nails match my outfit :)
Foil Effect: Barry M make so many different kinds of nail varnish that do really cool things and one that I really like if the 'foil effect' one which is made in gold and silver. I have it in gold (320 foil effects), and it looks sooo good. I found it really difficult to find a gold nail varnish that was plain gold without glitter or looking too bronze coloured, so I was really happy with this. When applied it is really shiny and the 'foil effect' is obvious :)

Glitter: Probably my favourite type of nail varnish ever is GLITTER! Barry M make some lush glitter nail varnishes. I have three; two of them are like a block glitter colour with fine glitter particles, mine are red and blue (150 red glitter and 297 blue glitter) and I LOVE them! My other one is slightly different; it is sort of like a clear nail polish with larger pieces of glitter floating in it, in pink and silver (352 pink sapphire glitter) -this is what I used to paint my phone with (see earlier post)

Crackle: I have never been a big fan of the usual crackle effect nail varnish, personally I think it just looks like your nail varnish has chipped and you cant be bothered to take it off or repaint them. But Barry M have made a 'croc crackle effect' polish which crackles with a sort of snakeskin effect and it looks so nice. Mine is a charcoal colour (323 croc effects) and I think this one looks nice with gold, it does come in other colours too! You just paint it on top of a plain colour, wait three minutes and your nails look well snazzy!  This croc effect crackle nail varnish is a great alternative to the plain crackle ones as it is much neater and prettier.

Magnetic: This one that I was confused about at first -but like now.It is a plain nail varnish colour -mine is deep red (327 magnetic burgundy), but the bottle comes with a square lid which has a magnet on it that makes a pattern on your nails which is shown in a drawing on the side of the lid. Basically after painting the second coat on, you hold the magnet above your nails and the indicated pattern appears! Mine is diagonal stripes which gives a really glossy look. Each colour comes with a different magnet pattern, I only have one but i think it would be cool to buy a few and mix and match colours and patterns!

Check out my advent calendar this year -filled with nail varnishes!
I think my love for Barry M will last forever -they are just always bringing out new snazzy nail varnishes and are always the first brand to try new ideas and always in the perfect colours!

Other brands to try as well are BeautyUK and NailsInc

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