Friday, 21 December 2012

Trends for your head!

So finally the snapback hat trend has been replaced (about time), and in my personal opinion the new hat trend is a vast improvement. This new trend of hat seems so have adopted a variety of different nicknames such as "the new beanie hats", "bobble hats" and even "Dappy Hats" after the singer Dappy in the British band N-Dubz but I always refer to them as "Pom-Pom Hats". Simply they are a knitted style beanie hat with a large pom pom on the top. Originally when I first thought that only boys vould wear them, but slowly girl celebrities started wearing them too and high street chain started selling them for girls aswell as boys, and thank god because I LOVE THEM!

So after ruining one by attempting to cut the label out of it and instead cutting the wool and making the biggest whole I've ever seen in it I decided to go and buy myself another one (and leave any labels on). 
This is a purple one I bought from Forever21 for £6.65, they also did it in other colours like cream, red and blue but I thought the purple was the nicest!

It keeps your ears so warm and it looks great if you have longish hair worn down. So ditch the snapbacks please and buy one of these! (But keep the label in hahahaa)

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