Saturday, 22 December 2012

Finally: Patterned leggings for tall girls

After struggling for the last year to find some patterned leggings that actually reach my ankles (being 5ft 10 with very long legs), I have finally found some on the Topshop website under the tall section. Hallelujah!! 

These leggings are an aztec design available in sizes 8-16 for £20, I thought this was a bargain for TopShop. Although I have seen more stylish patterned leggings around, these are the only pair I've found that actually fit  girls who are over 5ft 8, and I kind of like that they are in black and white as it would go with a lot of other pieces.

So I will now be ordering myself a pair and will greatly enjoy the fact that they will reach my ankle, THANK YOU TOPSHOP!

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