Friday, 21 December 2012

High Street Fashion Awards! Lerin Style...

These are my High Street Fashion Awards, so what shops I think are best for what! Enjoy...

1. Best For: PRICE
This has to be Primark. Primark is known for being cheap and is! I can't say that everything in Primark is in any way decent but sometimes they can do the odd nice thing, but more importantly it is a great place to buy plain, essential things like plain vests, underwear, socks etc. Why pay more for a different label when it is going to be the exact same thing in another shop!

2. Best For: PETITE
In my opinion, ASOS do a great petite range. All the clothes have just the right proportions for those who are vertically challenged -it also goes down to a size 4. It is great to have clothes fit exaclty as their meant to, they look noticabley better so it definitley worth buying petite clothes if you are under average height.

I think that this is Topshop. Its always young and current and has the latest trends straight away. Topshop takes inspiration straight from the lastest catwalks which is why they always have edgy statement pieces.

4. Best For: SHOES
I think New Look is the best high street shop for shoes as they always have a wide selection of good staple flat shoes. But also they have amazing heels in there for reasonable prices and shoes can often be really expensive but new look always has amazeballs heels for good prices.

5. Best For: TALL
I don't really know anything at all about being tall but Louise says that she likes Topshop's tall range but Dorothy Perkins is the best place for tall jeans. So I would say Dorothy Perkins win this for making such long-legged jeans!

6. Best For: VARIETY
Forever 21 wins this because they have so many different styles of clothes and they're all soo nice! I just gurantee you wouldn't be able to go into Forever 21 and not like at least one thing!

7. Best For: KNITWEAR
A lot of places have nice jumpers but at the moment I think the best shop for knitwear is H&M because I was in there last week and they had a variety of knitwear and all for good prices. The only thing was some of it was that kind of hairy wool that itches when you wear it (especially the jumpers from Lana Del Ray's range)

8. Best For: COATS
Coats can be difficult to buy because nice ones are so expensive, yet you buy one and it only goes with a limited amount of clothes, so you need another in a different colour! But unfortunately I would say there isnt really a way around this -cheap coats look cheap so dont go there! In general the best place for coats is probably Topshop as the colours are always in style yet the designs are classic and basic.

9. Best For: DRESSES
I think that Miss Selfridge is the best high street option for buying dresses. They always sell a variety of daytime and eveningwear but I think they are a particularly good option for buying formalwear because of their classic yet pretty style. Miss Selfridge always has loads of different styles and colours of dresses all year around to suit anyone and they look expensive and classy.

Personally, I love Topshop jewellery. Topshop has cool and funky rings and bracelets etc but also pretty and cute things too! I can never go near Topshop's jewelerry section because if I do, I'll be broke by the time i get home....i have to be restrained.

11. Best For: BAGS
River Island has always sold reeaaallyyy nice bags and I always want them all, also they usually have matching purses too. River Island sells classic, timeless yet fashionable bags in great colours and patterns. But they are usually fairly expensive.

12. Best For: ONLINE
My best online shop is although the sizes are always off -all the clothes are too big, I think boohoo sell really pretty clothes at good prices. And it is always convenient to order online!

For me, this is Gilly Hicks their underwear is always comfotable and a good fit as well as nice colours and styles.

Overall..... The LerinStyle high street best is.....
TOPSHOP is a good all rounder for fashion and high street value. I just love Topshop and can't go in there without wanting absoloutley EVERYTHING! Its a high street favourite winner.

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