Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Whole Lotty Spotty

I wore this outfit shopping a little while ago, and s'all matchy-matchy, which I am like obsessed with.

So, I wore.....
Navy blue polka dot shorts with a thin brown belt that has a gold clasp (Primark) I think they were about £10 which is quite good as they're a nice shape and style as well as fashionable colour and pattern.
Brown Leather Jacket (H&M) I love this jacket soooo much, I got it for my birthday earlier this year and it just goes with absolutely everything! Also it is surprisingly warm in winter yet cool in summer. It has zip details on the cuffs and buckles at the waist as well as decorative quilting on the shoulders -all of these aspects make the jacket more interesting and even look more expensive.
Blue Polka Dot Bag With Brown Leather-Look Straps this bag's pattern goes exactly with the shorts and the brown straps brings in the brown from the jacket and belt.
I also wore a plain white vest (the colour of the spots)
For accessories I had...
Navy Blue Loafers With Brown Leather Panels And Gold Chain Decoration these obviously go with the blue and brown in my outfit
A Gold Chain Like Bracelet (H&M) this chunky bracelet is exactly like the chain on my shoes so it matches them
White Pearly Bracelet and Ring, I wore these because they are basically white spots -following the theme of white polka dots.
And Make Up...
I painted my nails dark blue, and as I went shopping in the evening after being out with just mascara on all day, I added navy blue eyeliner and a light brown lipstick (all matching my outfit's colours)
Because it was November-ish when I went out, of course I had skin coloured tights on. Only thing took me ages to realise I actually had my shorts on backwards...Awkward!

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