Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Westfield and Why I love it!

Westfield in Stratford City, London opened just over a year ago now and I have been a big fan from the very start!
Its easy to get to by train with a station exit straight into the mall, or by car with a car park thats easily accessed from the shops.
I think its layout is better than other shopping centres like Lakeside and Bluewater because its more straight forward and the shops are so easy to find!
But the best thing about Westfield is all the different shops of course and I think it has amazeballs ones. There is a really good mix of shops, they're young and fashionable and I never feel like I'm missing something when I'm there. Also the selection of food places is great -to be honest they have a Nandos and with that I'm always pleased...

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