Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year Wishlist: Mulberry Bayswater Oak Natural Leather Handbag

As we're almost in 2013 it's only right to make a totally unrealistic wish for next year, so after looking on the Mulberry website for about an hour and almost crying about how much I wanted some of the bags I picked my favourite and decided to blog about it, I mean you never know Mulberry might see this post and deicide to send one to us *HINT HINT MULBERRY*, but as this is highly unlikely I will just carry on wishing and tell you about it instead.

There were some close contenders for "Favourite bag" but after a long hard think I decided the Bayswater Oak Natural Leather handbag was by far my preference, but at £795 I think it's time to get a job and fast, even birthday money and Christmas money saved up together couldn't buy me this. 

What first drew me to this wonderful bag was the simplicity and elegance of the design, it just looks expensive and classic, which if you're paying almost £800 you would expect, the colour would go with a lot of outfits and the simple gold clasp doesn't overwhelm the simplicity. Even the "Oak Natural Leather" sounds extremely posh and adds to my overall lust for this bag, I imagine the leather would smell, look and feel like royalty in a handbag. 

So yes if anyone reading has a spare £795 and a generous heart I would gladly accept this bag as a present, but as that seems highly unrealistic it looks like I need to sort out my CV and apply for some proper part time jobs, because that seems the only way I am ever going to hold such a marvellous bag!

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