Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Barry M Chameleon Nail Varnish Review

So for Christmas from a friend I received a Chameleon Blue nail varnish from Barry M, after trying to work out what was so different about it for around an hour together we managed to figure out that when you apply a clear coat over the nail varnish it turns a different colour, in this case the metallic bright blue went a deep shade of purple, Me being not the best at nail art and creatively enable only managed to come up with this rather sad attempt for a "design" if you could call it that,  a purple main body with a blue tip, almost like a rather bad twist on the French manicure. 
Anyway I really like the idea and colour of this nail varnish, next time I am going to try using a cotton bud or something small so I can draw a pattern on in the clear nail varnish and hopefully it will look a little more professional. I reckon if this was done probably it could look really really nice, there are loads of designs you could do, you could create a tye dye effect or write letters or even improve my rather dodgy attempt of coloured tips.
So I would recommend this nail varnish as it is a great idea and like all Barry M nail varnish, it didn't chip!


  1. How cool! I'll definitely be checking this out soon. X


  2. that's such a cool idea and I think those colours look really nice together:)


    1. I know right, loved the idea, well done Barry M :)


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