Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Outfit Of The Day: CraZy CraZy CraZy till we see the sun!

Not the most formal "outfit of the day", but here is my outfit for New Years Eve:
 Cropped cream knit jumper from Hollister, this jumper is really soft and very comfortable even after washing, it goes with most trousers, shorts, skirts etc and the sleeves are a nice length for my extra long arms.

Black velvet type material shorts from Forever 21, got these in the sale for £4.99 (BARGAIN!), simple design but go great with tights for in the winter and would match most t-shirts in the summer.
Black oversized furry handbag with brown straps, I actually got this bag for Christmas a few years ago from Paul's Boutique (*Cringe* I know), although I am usually against the Paul's Boutique brand while looking on their website for my cousins present I saw this, and unlike most of their products it wasn't luminous green or orange with PAUL'S BOUTIQUE plastered on every square inch, so once removing the weird colourful pom pom keyring it came with you can't even tell where it's from, and quite a lot of people usually comment on how nice it is!

My bracelet is quite "jazzy" with a row of silver sparkly beads in a black thread, my friends mum actually made this for me but you can get them in most places now in most colours for quite cheap prices.

Anyway so that was my New Years Eve outfits, while some people were in pubs getting drunk we went for a rather different approach for seeing in the new year, we ended up putting on the onesies, watching the Alan Carr special, listening to One Direction, eating chocolate, trying on Erin's wardrobe and we even ended up sticking on some fake moustaches Erin got for Christmas.... as you do! 

Last Evening of 2012 well spent I think :)

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