Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lots of Love for.....LuLu Guiness Bags

Its a designer I haven't heard too much about in the past but after checking out the website, I now LOVE LuLu Guiness Bags, they are seriously lush!
Their trademark seems to be lip shaped perspex clutch bags but i was really interested in some of the other styles of bags, such as the clutch shaped like a London Taxi, I think that has to be my favourite, it is so cute.
The bags are really statement items so would probably go nicely with a more plain outfit as the bag speaks for itself, there are so many nice ones, such as ones styled to look like books or flowers, and decorated like shop windows. They aren't really for everyday use as they are quite detailed and fancy so would be nice in the evening with a dress.
Also, they are quite pricey (ranging from around £200-£500) but I'm sure if you were lucky enough to have one of these bags, they would be worth the cost, after all in a designer item you are always paying for the added durability, longevity, detail and care.
All of LuLu Guiness' bags are produced ethically in the UK -s'always good!
Other than handbags, they also make: luggage, umbrellas, cosmetic bags, compact mirrors, purses and watches.
If you have the extra money to spend, I think its a great place to look for accessories, especially bags! They have stores all over the world (the London one is 3 Ellis Street) and ship to the US and Canada as well as the UK
And they have a sale on at the moment, so GO GO GO!

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