Friday, 4 January 2013

Faux Fancy

With the new years sales on at the moment there are so many nice clothes to buy on the high street but can high street pieces compete with the luxury of a designer wardrobe?

I have found a lot of items which are very similar to designer brand versions but for a fraction of the price so instead of buying one designer why not buy them all from the high street!
Of course with a cheaper high street option, you miss the added comfort and little extras in detail that come with designer options as well of course just the label and just knowing the item is a designer! But decide for yourselves whether the pieces are really worth their expensive price tags when the high street has so much to offer....

Glittery Heels

The lovely sparkly heels on the left are from Christian Louboutin and are obviously pure luxury in a shoe, and with the trademark red sole would be a privilege to own, are they really worth the four figure price tag for such a statement shoe that wouldn't be worn that often when you could buy the very similar pair on the right from Jane Norman for £40. I actually have a pair of these particular shoes and they are some of the most comfortable heels I have worn for a long period of time.

Black Platforms

On the right, another pair of Louboutins for $1,075 (for some reason I wasn't on the UK website but this is about £670) and they are a classic shoe and completely perfect in every way, but everyone needs black heels and wouldn't you rather spend £24.75 on the similar pair on the left from Forever 21, I know I would...and I did!


Satchels are really big in fashion at the moment, and it is obvious why, they are practical bags that still look good and go with a lot of outfits. The Cambridge Satchel Company are an obvious designer choice for the perfect satchel but at £113 each, your purse inside the satchel would probably be empty! So if you don't have the spare money try a similar design from H&M for £19.99. My friend has a real Cambridge Satchel Company satchel and they are noticeably nice and well designed as well as durable but I have a satchel from H&M and I think it is worth the money I saved!

Clutch Bag

The designer option for this cool and retro bag is on the left from bag designer Lu Lu Guiness and she is famous for this style of bags and has clearly perfected them! Unfortunately, it is £295 worth of for the one on the right, it is from Henry Holland at Debenhams and is £25. It is a cool bag in an interesting colour and definitely and eye catching piece, but there are always affordable high street options!


  1. I love satchels! I think I own about four :D Frankie x

  2. haha yeah they are really good bags, and you always need different colours! :)

  3. Thanks for following me :) love the satchels

  4. Hey Tom

    I am your newest follower

    Anyway, are you interested of making new blog friends?
    I was kinda maybe hopin’ that you’d pop on by and follow me back!
    Happy new year and high five! :)


  5. I love the sparkly heels!


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