Friday, 12 July 2013

Prom Dress Diary 4: decoration

So now I had my prom dress put together, it was time to for decoration, which is the part I was most excited for!
Generally, I didn't want to go too over the top on decorating it but I was following the theme of pink flowers and silver glitter. I saw one of these really pretty cherry blossom trees and every time I saw it, it just reminded me of my prom dress :)

So to decorate my dress I.....

  • Sewed long silver beads along the edge of the lace cutout (I did have these beads around the neckline before I put the lace cutout panel on the top but I took those off)
  • Attached the embroidered tulle that I bought around the hem on my cotton skirt and let the glitter tulle layer of my skirt hang over it
  • I sewed a thick ribbon all around the waist which I wore tied up at the back
  • And finally, I made my corsage. This was actually my favourite part, it was fun just to make a little thing

My dress was done (pretty much) If I'm honest I did turn up at Louise's house a couple of hours before prom with a needle and thread still sewing my dress (just finishing it off!) But at least I had it all done before prom actually started!

This is my dress completely finished just before we left for Prom. I wore silver glitter heels and had my hair in a curly updo with pink flowers in it. I ordered a sliver clutch bag but it never arrived...WAAA D':

After I put my dress together, I noticed that it looks a lot like a Princess dress I used to have when I was here is a bit of a throwback for ya!
I didn't intend to make a dress that looked like my old one at all and I only realised it when I'd nearly finished my dress and I saw this picture of me when I was little so it was just really weird when I noticed how similar they actually are!

Also, prom was actually a lot better than I expected it to be. It was a fun night and we both liked it, so that was good!

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