Saturday, 2 November 2013

My Crazy Tights Collection

Lately, I seem to have started to collect some erm...unique (?) tights, so I thought I'd share them with you...

These tights are from Primark and are comic strip print with Mickey mouse and other characters on them! I'm wearing them with black patent (Doc Marten style) boots from Primark and a red lace dress from a boutique (Dolly's Boutique)

The cat tights are from a shop on eBay called 'hot-air2013' which I think is somewhere in China, so I did have to wait quite a while for the tights to come in the post, but they were worth the wait :) . I wore them with a red tartan skirt from New Look, a black sheer shirt from a boutique (Fashion Avenue), black braces which I got online, and in the evening I had a bag which I bought in Camden which has Vogue Magazine covers printed all over it. I wore this outfit all day and I love it :) I wore it to sixth form and most people complimented my tights (other than my chemsitry teacher, who's comment was "what on earth are you wearing") haha :') I also wore the outfit out to a gig in the evening and I'd definitley wear it again, despite my tights being "innapropriate for sixth form" :')

These red tartan tights are from Primark and I am wearing them with the same black boots I wore with the mickey mouse comic strip tights, a black skater skirt, a checked shirt from H&M, a black bow I made from ribbon around the collar, and a black leather jacket from New Look.

Although, these three are probably my most interesting pairs of tights, I do have more patterned tights and I will post those too soon! :)

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