Saturday, 9 November 2013

Things That Make Me Happy

ALOHA! So today I was just thinking I'd like to write a post, telling you about the things that make me happy and just in general what I think about being happy!
To start, you can't take life too seriously, because what's the point! No-one gets out alive! Okay, so maybe that's not the best point to begin on...but it's true! There's no reason to be serious all the time or not enjoy life! In fact, as best you can, although it's difficult sometimes -enjoy everything! It is hard, and I can't say that when I have a double chemistry lesson I am the happiest of bunnies, or that I spring out of bed every Monday morning but make the best of the life you have!
Being relaxed and laid back can be good for you, as stress is not good! It can have so many bad effects on your health such as high blood pressure. And I know some people just get stressy naturally but try your best to stay relaxed (I find this a bit too easy, as I can be too laid back which that isn't good either when it comes to things like getting work done!) If you don't find being relaxed easy, maybe try yoga or other relaxation techniques. Ultimately if you're not naturally laid back, being relaxed comes from allowing you to be content in yourself and your life (whooaaa, that's deep mann...)
Always be clear on how lucky you are! Don't dwell on bad times, it won't make them any better! I understand how hard that can be, and I'm not saying don't be upset at all, but I'm saying don't let negative things affect you forever. Self pity, in my opinion, is one of the most self-harmful things. You have to move on from bad things, for yourself you have to let them go and really just get over them. It is healthy to forgive people, as if you hold grudges, it's only damaging you -even if you can't see it, the tension's only inside you. You just have to know in yourself what makes you lucky in life.
Another thing is, don't beat yourself up about things! This is something I didn't fully understand until I started yoga, and it's now a lot clearer to me. One of the fundamental teachings of yoga is to live without being harmful. It's obvious that this means do not harm others but it also means do not be self-harming. Which is something that a lot of people are on a small scale. So in an everyday example, if your friend said something to someone which they took in a negative way but your friend did not mean it in such a bad way, you would reassure your friend and tell them not to feel bad as long as they apologised they aren't a bad person as they did not intend to be harmful. Yet most people would not say the same to themselves, they would beat themselves up about it and not let it go. In most cases, a good rule is to treat yourself as you would treat your best friend.
I believe that people change everyday. You're constantly being influenced by your surroundings and experiences and you grow into a new person. People change everyday. In most cases the experiences are so minor that you don't change by much, but your brain is learning from everything that you do. However, very often, especially for people around my age, we can get too hung up on one thing and care too much about it. Despite what you may believe we are not strongly defined by one thing (whatever you're stressing over, whether it's something embarrassing you have done, body image, exam results etc...). Eventually you'll get over it and realise that one thing didn't actually define you as a person as much as you thought it did.
And, don't over think things! Don't waste your time over thinking, you'll probably regret it! And don't let it hold you back from doing things you want to do!

Do what makes you happy!

Originally this post was just going to be a list of a few things that make me happy but then I ended up rambling on about all of that jazz up there! But anyway, this is my list of a few of the things that make me happy...

~ Cat Memes: C'mon now! Don't even lie to me -I know they make you happy too!
~ Soft Socks: I love to wear soft, fluffy feet are always cold and they like socks OK!? Plus I always take my shoes off when I'm out (shoes are so mainstream...) and cross my legs (yes, I have some strange thing about just not sitting like a normal person...) so wearing fluffy socks is cosy....despite the judgmental looks/comments I receive! :')
~ Spontaneity: I just don't particularly like routine and I enjoy doing whatever I feel like and seeing where my mood takes me.
~ Driving at Night: *cringe* but it's true; I actually love it! I think I'm  like a dog, I just like being out and about...I mean, I might even have my face out the window while we're driving for the wind to blow through my hope!
~ The Smell of Cinnamon: I can't even explain my love for cinnamon. I would give up chocolate for cinnamon without a doubt, yep -that's commitment!
~ Creative Things: I find them a lot of fun and quite relaxing. Sometimes I like to paint but usually I like doing henna, making cards, sewing, making headbands, decorating things and stuff like that! I've heard that creativity can be a good outlet.

Do what makes you happy

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