Sunday, 27 January 2013


Right to start with we haven't blogged in quite a long time, its been so busy lately since Christmas with so many exams on (we had 3 science and 1 english exams that were rather important all in the space of 2 weeks) and because we would rather not be re-doing them all later we had to stop doing anything fun, to be honest it sucked and us being the worlds biggest procrastinators found our self getting distracted by anything and everything including sitting in Costa for 6 hours making our friend a scrapbook for her birthday. But anyway they are over now....well untill March anyway wooo!

So a few days ago I managed to convince my family to give me money to buy a new pair of shoes (which to be honest I didn't really need..) so I hopped on the train to Westfield and found myself with these "black studded moccasin shoes" from River Island which were £30.

This was quite an unusual buy for me as I usually prefer to spend money on clothes rather than shoes especially £30 on a pair of pumps which I thought were slightly over priced for River Island, but when I saw them they looked so nice. I'm not usually a fan of these shape shoes or studs so I was quite surprised when I actually liked them, but they go with most outfits, they can be worn with tights or on their own and they really jazz up a rather plain outfit. I think they are a great winter shoe because of their black colouring and also outfits can sometimes look a bit dull in the colder months as you find yourself wearing the same pair of dark jeans and winter coat so these add a bit of sparkle with the studs to your outfit.

When I looked them up online on the River Island website I didn't think the picture they had taken did them justice which is why I havnt put the website picture up but if you did fancy purchasing them online the link is Here! 

I'm usually a size 8 in High Street shops but I managed to fit inside a size 7 and they were still quite big so maybe get a size smaller than usual, but they honestly are beyond comfy!


  1. Ooh they're really nice, and they look comfy!
    Frankie xx

  2. I agree, the website picture hasn't done them justice as they look much much lovelier in person <3

    lovely shoes
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  3. they're so nice!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  4. These shoes are lovely! Such a nice blog too, glad I found it, will like it now :) xx

  5. Love these!! I have them in brown and they are soo comfy! Good choice xx

  6. I tried this one in RI the other week, but was gutted they didn't have my size. They are so nice.



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