Sunday, 3 March 2013

Handbag Heaven

My first designer handbags RIGHT HERE! :)
The one on the left is a black Ted Baker bag which was bought for me for my birthday just over a week ago. It is patent and I am soooo careful not to scratch it! I really like its boxy shape and the quilted detail it has on the front compartment as well as all the way arounf the back of the bag. The gold accents such as label and zip etc contrast the black perfectly and makes it look especially expensive. My favourite thing by far about it is the pug print fabric lining all of the inside of the bag...I am totally obsessed with pugs and this was the perfect choice! Its an ideal size for day or night, not too big but would fit everything you should need. As it was a present, I dont know how much it cost but it was bought recently so I'm sure Ted Baker retailers are still selling it....I cant wait to use it and definitley recommend it as a staple black bag that will go with any outift and work for any occasion.

The bag on the right is a bottle green Ivanka Trump bag which I bought a couple of weeks ago while we were in America (ARGH!! :D) Its from Century 21 in New York and is worth $175 (around £115 at the moment) but Century 21 were selling it for just under $90 (almost £60) which I think is a pretty good deal! Again, it has gold details which compliment the colour of the bag and this bag has a lot of different compartments as it opens into three main slots and the middle one has a really big gold clasp which looks nice.
As they're my first designer bags that I've got new and probably will be the only ones for quite a while, I'm pretty excited to use them and think they are both LUSH! 

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