Sunday, 3 March 2013

Denim Jacket

I've never been a big fan of denim jackets at all...but this particular one caught my eye in American Eagle.
First off I think that lightwash denim jackets can be quite nice with the right outfit and really suit certain things especially during the summer with a dress for example and are good as in England we never seem to have warm summers! So when I first saw it, I was unsure of how much I actually liked it....until I turned it around to see an orange/red themed aztec style print design embrodiered on the back, and then I instantly loved it! It was $60 in American Eagle which is about £40, probably quite reasonable. The only bad thing I have found is that the sleeves are a bit too long for me but they are okay, and my arms are kinda short sooo yeah! 
Also, my mum bought me these shoes a little while ago, not too sure where from but apparently they were £5 which is really good! At first I wasn't too sure about them but I wore them last week with this jacket and because of the design on the back they go really well! In the picture they look kinda shiny and the colour doesn't exaclty show but they are matte sort of coraly-red brogues and quite unusual. I was worried they would look like clown shoes but with the right outfit and kept fairly simple they actually looked nice and went well! Reem Reem Reem :)

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