Thursday, 7 March 2013

Another Rave About....Lu Lu Guinness Bags!

Okay I am literally IN LOVE with her! Some of her bags are such cool designs, like the ones in the pictures below! They are so creative and such cute the one made to look like a radio!
If I could afford them, I would buy all of these bags! Of course her handbags which look like shop windows are beyond snazzy, but its her inventive clutches that I love the most....the ones that look like postcards, dominoes, a fan....and of course my all time favourite from my last blog about Lu Lu Guinness: the London Taxi Clutch bag!
Her plainer bags such as polka dot ones are crafted to perfection and all have great shape and style....and theres always her famous trademark perspex lip clutch bags, which come in soooo many different designs now, its crazy!
Lu Lu Guinness you are such a babe

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