Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Dress a Day 3 ~ Pink Cutout Skater Dress (and owl satchel bag)

Day 3 and it's time for this cutout skater dress....which is probably my favourite dress I own! I really love is quite a casual dress but I love wearing it during the day and just think everything about it is perfect...I love the colour, shape, length, fabric and cutout detail! Ok, I'll stop raving about it now....
OH! But also when I bought it in Topshop, the tag said £55 but when I took it to the till it was £15! So yeah I kinda lush it!

'Mr Fox'

Okaaay, so here is my evening version of the dress! I am wearing it with nude high heels and my hair in a high bun. The bag is one I got for Christmas and there is a picture of it here for you to decide what animal you actaully think it is! I think it looks like an owl...but apparantly it is called a "Mr Fox Bag" and I have had people call it a squirrel and even a chipmunk! So who knows...but it is a very cool bag! I really love it, it is so cute and becuase its plain colours it actually goes with a lot of outfits and is a fun twist on an otherwise plain satchel! I am wearing my brown owl ring with it too, because I think it looks like an owl!

My daytime alternative for this dress is one of my favourite outfits. I have put the dress my H&M brown leather jacket and plain brown satchel, also from H&M (it was £20 and is a really nice shape, and much cheaper than a Cambridge Satchel...although it scracthes easily, there are so many decent satchels in high street shops for under £40) I am also wearing brown brogues from 'Mr Shoes', I think they were £19.99 and I bought them in a lighter colour but used darker brown shoe polish to get them to the colour I wanted them in, which actually worked really well! The socks are from H&M and are pink and sooo similar to the dress fabric, they have striped, almost like ribbed fabric which is just what the dress fabric is like...I was so proud when I found these socks to match it so well! When wearing this I would have brown eyeshadow and light pink lip stick or gloss to stick to brown and pink colours. The picture above shows the cutout detail on the back of the dress which is LUSH, it has a heart cutout and little buttons before the skirt starts which really adds somehting interesting yet simple to the dress. Because of the heart shaped cutout, I often wear a necklace which has a small pink heart-shape pendant on it. <3

Sooooo it's pretty clear how much I love this dress and cutout dresses are so nice and can be really flattering in the right places, especially at the sides of the waist! Skater dresses are always good and I can't wait for warmer weather so I can start wearing this out again!

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