Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Dress a Day 2 ~ Flamingo Dress

This is my second 'Dress a Day' post and today it is about my pink flamingo print dress! I don't actually love this dress but its alright and flamingo print is cool! Its just the shape I'm not sure about...sometimes it kinda looks frumpy! But I'm blogging about all my dresses so this one is going in there anyway!

So this is an idea of how to wear it during the day, I have put it with a pink bag from Next, it matches the dress which is from New Look, as it is also printed with flamingos (yes I have a flamingo print bag to match my flamingo print dress...lets just pretend that's normal...) I am also wearing brown heeled loafers...I brought brown in because of the brown bag straps, and white socks rolled at my ankles. The shoes are from New Look. If I was wearing this out I might wear a brown leather jacket with it.

Like any good Essex girl I have busted out the white stilletos *cringe*....so here I am wearing the dress with strappy white heels which adds formality to the outfit for the evening. As it matches so well I have kept the bag.
Also I would probably wear white pearly jewelery with this to match the white in the clothes!
Oh, and the shoes are from Parmars!

To be honest, I'm pretty proud that I remembered to do this post again today! Two days in and two dresses! OH YES!

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